Grand Prix Hero

Formula one driving games, use your LEFT and RIGHT keyboard arrows, or tilt your mobile device to steer.

The UP and DOWN key are NOT used.

Drive over the yellow marking on the track to get boost. Note that these marking appear randomly, no need to waste your time trying to memorize where they appear, but not they appear usually right after you loose visibility of the track on an uphill. Stay in the middle lane to steer and catch them quickly.

As for the options you can purchase, buy and max the Grip first to catch the yellow boost zones.

Whatever you buy, you keep forever so if you complete a couple of complete series, 4 tracks in all, you restart at the first track with more options, should be able to quickly max out all options, I’d say within 10 to 15 races.

Once maxed out, it is possible to reach first place if you also catch all the boost areas.

have fun.