Jet Ski Racing Game


Race Jet Skis across five different tracks against difficult opponents to see if you can come out as the top racer. In Jet Ski Racing Game unblocked, you’re able to upgrade to new riders and new jet skis, and you can even upgrade those jet skis with nitrous, better acceleration, and even better handling. Don’t think that will make it any easier, though, as a faster jet ski requires cat-like reflexes. Play Jet Ski racing game for free in your browser today.

How to Play Jet Ski Racing Game?

Unless you’re playing free-run mode, you’ll have to compete against some of the worlds best racers in Jet Ski Racing Game unblocked. You can take your pick of five different racers with different experience and five different jet skis, but you’ll have to start racing and win money if you want to improve your performance on the water track.


  • Accelerate: W or Up
  • Turn Left: A or Left
  • Turn Right: D or Right
  • Slow Down: S or Back

How to Unlock New Racers and Jet Skis in Jet Ski Racing Game?

To unlock either a new racer or new jet ski, you’ll need to earn money. Each racer and jet ski cost money, with the first starting at $1000. To unlock a new racer or new Jet Ski, pick a game mode and a track, then at the bottom of the rider or jet ski selection screen, click on the locked item you want to unlock. You can choose to unlock each with money or by watching advertising videos – the choice is yours.

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