LAX Shuttle Bus puts you in the driver’s seat of an airport shuttle service, and your task is simple: bring passengers from the airport terminal to their planes as fast as possible.

The game’s levels are timed so you don’t have plenty of time to accomplish your tasks for each level. Make sure that you drive carefully, too, but don’t drive too slow to the point that you run out of time as you shuttle passengers from the airport terminal to their waiting planes.

LAX Shuttle Bus is a fun game if you’re the type who wants to see some behind-the-scenes action on what goes on in airport that travelers don’t usually get to see. Airport rides have never been this fun.

How to Play

  • Click “Drive” on the main menu screen to get started
  • Select a level you want to play. If you’re playing the game for the first time, Level 1 is the only level that’s available. Finish it and you unlock Level 2. The process repeats as you finish more levels. The game has nine (9) total levels.
  • Once the game starts, you will be given specific instructions, including picking up passengers in a terminal and then transporting them to the awaiting airplane. Be careful in driving to your required destination. Your bus can only withstand roughly two crashes before game over status.
  • As soon as you make the required passenger deliveries, you will be given a new task until all the tasks of that specific level are concluded.
  • Be sure not to go too fast. Turning corners in the game can be tricky, and it can lead to you hitting something.
  • Every level is timed so you have to accomplish your tasks quickly, or at least until time runs out.
  • Finish all nine (9) levels quickly and proclaim yourself the champion of LAX Shuttle Bus.


  • Up arrow to accelerate
  • Left arrow to lean left
  • Right arrow to lean right
  • Down arrow to reverse
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