Lego Speed Champions 2

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As epic games go, LEGO Speed Champions 2 ranks right up there as one of the best ones you can play on the Internet. Set in the fantastic Lego brick world, Speed Champions 2 lets you choose your favorite LEGO car as you embark on a series of races that will test your LEGO racing skills. Don’t worry about accelerating your race car — the game does it for you. All you need to worry about is to steer left and right.

The game comes with an impressive lineup of sports cars, race cars, and supercars. Automakers like Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, Porsche, and Audi all have cars included in the game. There is, however, no 1967 Mini Cooper S Rally. That’s disappointing.

Complete the challenges for each car and earn money to unlock five incredible circuits. Your driving must be flawless to win a race. Watch out for the oil spill that will make you lose control of your vehicle and go through shortcuts to gain precious seconds on your opponents. There are also in-race goals that you could accomplish depending on the car that you’re using.

Be sure to look out for hidden tunnels and shortcuts, too. You can also compete in a series of challenges that reward extra studs. These studs come in handy in unlocking new cars and tracks. There’s no shortage of fun when it comes to LEGO Speed Champions 2.

How to Play

  • Choose a car from the list of models that are available. You can unlock more cars as you progress in the game
  • There’s only one available race track — desert — when you start the race. You can unlock more race tracks as you progress to higher levels
  • Accomplish the in-race set tasks
  • Collect as many studs as you can; those studs will come in handy if you want to unlock new cars and race tracks
  • The cars accelerate automatically; you’re in charge of steering


  • Left arrow key to turn left
  • Right arrow key to turn right
  • Use the mousepad for any actionable moves involved in upgrading your car and unlocking new race tracks