Mad Truck Challenge Special

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Mad Truck Challenge Special is one of the funnest free-to-play browser games that you can play on the internet today. In Mad Truck Challenge Special Unlocked, you’re behind the wheel of an awesome monster truck and you have to race fierce components in do-or-die side-scrolling action. Use rockets to blow up your rivals and use nitrous to go faster. Don’t forget to pick up coins along the way, though, as you’re going to need to upgrade your engine, armor, and rockets if you want to survive the next race.

How to Play Mad Truck Challenge Special?

To win Mad Truck Challenge Special, you’ll need to think about more than racing. As you make your way through each level, it’s important to pick up coins, as you’ll need those for upgrades between levels. Pick up rockets, to as you can shoot those to take out your opponents. Finally, the nitrous pickups will help you jump ahead when you need it the most. More importantly, though, you need to lean your truck the right way for each jump or obstacle to maintain the best speed possible.


Accelerate: up
Slow Down: back
Lean Back\Left: Left
Lean Forward\Right: Right
Use Nitro Boost: Space
Shoot Rockets: X

How to Upgrade Your Truck in Mad Truck Challenge Special

If you want to make your truck in Mad Truck Challenge Special unblocked as great as possible, then you need to collect as many coins as you can in each race. Between races, you’ll be given the opportunity to upgrade your truck’s engine, nitro, armor, wheels, rockets, and shock absorbers. Prices for the first upgrade in each category range from 100 coins to 200 coins, but higher tiers of each category cost more. You can also add extra body parts and decals if you earn enough too. Make sure to take the time to upgrade after every race if you want to keep your edge!

Can You Unlock New Trucks In Mad Truck Challenge Special?

There are only two trucks to drive in Mad Truck Challenge Special, the Monstro and the Predator. To unlock the predator, you’ll have to advance all the way to level 17. Predator can carry lots of extra rocks, almost three times the nitrous, and has 50-percent more armor, so you definitely need this truck!

Saving Progress in Mad Truck Challenge Special

Your progress is automatically saved every time you play Mad Truck Challenge Special, so you’ll always be able to pick up where you left off when you come back to play some more.