Mega Car Crash

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Take the concept of demolition derby browser games to the next level with Mega Car Crash Unblocked. Earn enough money to unlock all 5 upgraded cars and enjoy four different game modes that include Derby, Crown, Football, and bob. In crown, you have to obtain the crown and hang onto it as long as possible (without getting hit) and in football, you actually get to play football on a field with your cars. In bomb, watch out, because there’s a bomb being passed around and you don’t want to have it when it blows up. Mega Car Crash is free to play, and if you register for an account, your progress will be available for you from any computer anywhere in the world!

How to Play Mega Car Crash?

Drive around the area and complete the tasks for your specific game mode. If you’re playing derby, simply smash everyone in sight and earn as much money as possible. If you’re playing crown, be the first to collect the crown from the middle of the arena or steal it from the person that gets it first. Hang onto it as long as you can to earn as much as possible. In Football, try to score as many goals as you can, and in bomb, avoid the bomb and the person that has it as much as possible.


- * Accelerate: Up or W
- * Turn Left: Left or A
- * Turn Right: Right or D
- * Brake: Down or S
- * Handbrake: Space