Monster Smash Cars

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Drive around a junk yard filled with monster billboards. Take out the red monsters, but don’t hit the green monsters as they are your friends. You can play in free ride mode or time attack if you want an extra challenge, but overall, the point is to just have fun, smash some things, and drift around a little bit too. You can play by your self or in split screen mode if you want to play with a friend.

Monster Smash Cars Features

- * Solo or two-player race with two game modes
- * In two-player mode, you and your friend play in a split-screen
- * Seven car options with customizable color
- * Monster targets to hit
- * You can play the game in full-screen view

q[How to Play Monster Smash Cars Unblocked

Simply drive around and smash all the red monsters you can find. Each red monster that you smash is worth one point, but if you hit the green monsters, you’ll lose a point. Play time attack mode for a challenge and be sure to challenge your friends in split-screen mode too.


- * Player 1 use WASD to drive
- * Player 2 use arrow keys to drive
- * P to pause