Moon Car Stunt


Moon Car Stunt puts you in the driver’s seat of classic and futuristic cars as you race through space. You can play in arcade mode or try to get the best time on one of three tracks with four different cars. Can you be the kind of the Galaxy?

How to Play Car Moon Stunt

Playing Moon Car Stunt is easy and fun at the same time. Use your arrow keys to control the vehicle or press the “H” key if you get stuck and need to reset your car. If you’re playing in two-player split-screen mode, player two can use the “E”, “S”, “D”, and “F” keys to control the car and the “C” key to reset the car.


Player 1:
Forward – Up Key
Backward\ Brakes – Down Key
Left – Left Key
Right – Right Key
Reset Car – H

Player 2:
Forward - S
Backward\ Brakes – F
Left – E
Right – D
Reset Car - C

What Is the Fastest Car In Car Moon Stunt?

All the cars seem to be capable of hitting the same top speeds, but in our experience the muscle car with exhaust coming out of the hood seems a little faster.

How Many Cars and Tracks Does Car Moon Stunt Have?

Moon Car Stunt has four cars to drive and three different tracks.

Can I Play Car Moon Stunt Online?

Car Moon Stunt doesn’t offer online play, but there is a global leaderboard so you can compare your scores to the rest of the world. There’s also a two-player mode that will allow you and your best friend to play on the same screen with the same keyboard. Just choose the “Versus” option on the main screen to play two-player mode.

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