Offroad Bus Simulator 2019

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Offroad Bus Simulator 2019 is a fun and free-to-play buys simulator that lets you experience what it’s like to be a bus driver in rural areas. You have to pick up and drop off passengers and deal with normal road obstacles while also monitoring your fuel and refueling as necessary. Offroad Bus Simulator 2019 Unblocked is an awesome browser game that is sure to keep you busy for hours with five different buses and 10 levels.

How to Play Offroad Bus Simulator 2019

Control your buss with the arrow keys and be sure to keep an eye on your fuel gauge in the top left corner of the screen. When you’re running low on fuel, stop by the next refilling station if you don’t want to fail your mission.
Forward – Up
Brakes \ Backward – Back
Left – Left
Right – Right
Handbrake - Spacebar

How To Unluck New Courses and Buses in Offroad Bus Simulator?

To unluck new buses, you’ll have to earn money by complete each of the courses in the game. A new bus starts at $5,000 with the price increasing by $5,000 until you get to the best bus that costs $20,000.
You can unlock new courses by completing the goals in each course that comes before it.