Paco Stunt Cars

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Paco Stunt Cars is a super fun car stunt game that pus you behind the wheel of some of the world’s coolest cars in a large, detailed world full of jumps and obstacles that you can tackle. You can play by yourself or online with people from all over the world. Paco Stunt Cars includes an extremely detailed car customization system that allows you to adjust your suspension and steering, max speed, max power, max torque, and you can even toggle driver assist systems so you can make your car handle perfectly or turn it into a crazy drifting machine.

How to Play Paco Stunt Cars?

Playing Paco Stunt Cars is easy if you’ve every played other online car stunt games. Pick your car and cruise around a massive, detailed map as you do any trick you can off the various jumps and obstacles. Play online to race with others or play by yourself in solo mode. This is a free-play game, so there’s no official scoring system, but be sure to switch between the various cars for added fun, and enjoy customizing your car to find which setup works best for you.


- * W/Up arrow – Accelerate
- * S/Down arrow – Brake
- * A/Left arrow – Turn left
- * D/Right arrow – Turn right
- * Space – eBrake
- * G/H – Change car (offline mode)
- * C – Change camera
- * R – Repair
- * Q – Reset car/unstuck