Police Boat Chase


Police Boat Chase unblocked is a super-fun, free to play browser game that lets you earn money as you avoid the police – the twist is that you’re doing it in a boat on water and not in a car. The police are brutal, like Grand Theft Auto brutal, so you have to do your best to avoid them. While you’re at it, you need to avoid rocks, big ships, and collect cash. That cash can be used to buy other boats too. Play as long as you can without crashing and keep an eye out for repair pop ups. If you collect those, the amount of damage your boat has taken will go down and you can keep playing longer!

How to Play Police Boat Chase?

Control your boat while avoiding rocks, ships, and – most importantly – the police. In Police Boat Chase unblocked, you’ll have to work hard to avoid the police and not get smashed into oblivion, but if you can play long enough, you’ll earn enough cash to buy new boats that’ll give you an all-new challenge.


  • Accelerate: Up or W
  • Turn Left: Left or A
  • Turn Right: Right or D
  • Slow Down: Down or S

How to Earn Money in Police Boat Chase?

You can play for an hour without getting taken out by the police, but you still won’t make any money. To make money, you need to collect the cash drops that pop up at random. A single stack of bills gives you a little bit of money, but the larger stacks will give you more. You only need to get $200 to unlock the next boat, so if you’re good enough, it won’t take you long to unlock something new!

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