Police Traffic

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If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to race through traffic at high speed, narrowly avoiding accidents in a cop car, then Police Traffic is just what you need. In Police Traffic Unlocked, you get behind the wheel of a cop car and your whole mission is to drive as fast as possible for as long as possible. If you crash, It’s game over. The longer you can drive fast, the more money you’ll make, and that means you can unlock cooler and faster cars. Ready to get started?

How To Play Police Traffic

Right from the main menu, click on the “Options” button at the top of the screen and change the graphics settings to “High.” We also recommend that you turn on road reflections too, as this makes racing in the rain more realistic. Once you’re back to the main menu, press the “Select Car” button and choose from the Chevy Camaro cop car or the Dodge Viper Cop Car, the latter of which is just a little bit faster. When you click next, you can choose between four different game modes:
- * One Way: You drive down a one-way road only.
- * Two Way: You will deal with traffic in your lanes and traffic coming at you
- * Time Attack: See how fast you can get from one point to the next
- * Speed Bomb: You are behind the wheel of a bus that has been rigged with a bomb. Watch the bomb meter and make sure you don’t go too slow or crash. If the bomb’s health bottoms out, you blow up. The same rules for earning money applies in this mode as well, but you’ll always be on a bus regardless of what vehicle you choose.


- * W/Up arrow – Accelerate
- * S/Down arrow – Brake
- * A/Left arrow – Turn left
- * D/Right arrow – Turn right
- * C – Change camera
- * Space – eBrake

How to Unlock Faster Cars in Police Traffic?

To unlock faster cars in Police Traffic unblocked, all you have to do is keep playing until you earn enough money. For $5,000 you can unlock a Lamborghini police car, while $15,000 will get you a Ferrari police car. With $25,000 you can unlock one of three different cars, including a hummer, a Limo, and a sporty hatchback.

How to Earn Money Fast in Police Traffic?

The fastest way to earn money in Police Traffic unblocked is to drive very risky. Start out in Two Way mode, and stay in oncoming traffic as much as possible. It’s also important to keep your speed up. Once you’re going above 100 mph, you’ll earn bonus cash for high-speed driving. If you can drive long enough, you can unlock enough to buy the Lamborghini cop car in two or three short rounds!

How to Upgrade Your Cop Car in Police Traffic?

Each car in Police Traffic can be upgraded. Press the left or right button until you find the car (unlocked) that you want to upgrade, then click the button with gears just above it. Here. You can click on the money button below the engine, steering wheel, or brakes to upgrade your horsepower, handling, or brakes. The first upgrade is $2,000 for each one, but some cars have more than one upgrade available. For $5,000 you can also unlock nitrous boost and for another $5,000 you can unlock new wheels and tires for your cop car.

How to Save Your Progress in Police Traffic?

Your progress in Police Traffic Unblocked is automatically saved with each game you play, so you can always pick right up where you left off whenever you come back to Topspeed.com. How long will it take you to earn enough to unlock all the cars in the game?