Road Of Fury: Desert Strike


Road of Fury: Desert Strike is a fun and free to play platform browser game with upgrade and driving elements. You drive an awesome car that is equipped with a heavy assault cannon. You must use this car to chase down the evil horseman gang across a series of barren wastelands. Your cannon fires automatically - you simply aim the gun and try to mow down the horseman gang members as quickly a possible!
At the end of each run, you can return to the garage and upgrade your vehicle and weapon. You can increase your HP and also the firepower of your assault cannon. Finally, you can add cool devices to your car such as an airstrike beacon and a invincibility shield. Try to progress as far as possible and unlock the new areas - can you conquer the horseman gang and bring peace to the wastelands?

How To Play Road of Fury: Dessert Strike?

Road of Fury: Desert Strike is surprisingly easy to play, but the levels can get very difficult. You’ll have to watch out for enemies from both land and air, and as you complete each level you’ll be able to upgrade your car and unlock new areas. Your gun fires automatically, so all you have to do is use your mouse to aim and dispatch your enemies. Your car automatically accelerates, and this is an infinite-run type of game, so the long you last the more money you’ll make.


  • Aim with your mouse
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