Russian Car Driver: ZIL 130


This is not your usual driving game, Russian Car Driver: ZIL 130 puts you in the driver’s seat of an authentic Russian experience! With realistic graphics, lots of customization, and multiple game modes, there’s a lot of content for you to explore.

Drive your truck in varied terrain, at day, at night, in rain, in sticky oil pits, or muddy tracks, and face obstacles along the way.

Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive, M to open the map, Space to Handbrake, and C to change camera.


  • Click on play now to load the game
  • Click on okay

Select options from the main menu

  • Career
  • Parking
  • Traffic
  • Climbing
  • Rally
  • Championship


  • W / Up Arrow - Accelerate
  • S / Down Arrow - Brake
  • A / Left Arrow - Turn Left
  • D / Right Arrow - Turn Right
  • SPACE - Handbrake
  • C - Change camera
  • H - Honk
  • M - Map
  • Z - Blinkers
  • LK - Lights
  • ESC - Menu


  • Earn money by simply playing the Career mode.
  • Repair and maintain your truck in the garage to get the best performance.
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