Scrap Metal

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Scrap Metal is the kind of game you want to play if you just want to spend minutes doing anything you want. There’s no rhyme or reason behind the 3D game; there are no missions to finish or races to complete. You can do anything you want with your cars.

You can make flips using the ramps. You can speed through the play area without a care in the world. You can burn tires and drift until you’ve destroyed the Ozone with all the smoking rubber. The point of the game is to have fun, even if it comes at the cost of turning your precious car into scrap metal.

Even better, there are six cars to choose from so you can destroy all of them as you please. There’s a Ford Mustang, a MINI Cooper, a Jeep Grand Cherokee, a Pagani Zonda, a Nissan GT-R, and yes, Ken Block’s very own Ford Fiesta Gymkhana.

You can destroy all these cars and turn the play course into a scrapyard. When you’re done, do it again and repeat the whole process. There’s something therapeutic about destroying these cars and not having to worry about the repairs that come with it.

How to Play

  • Click "Start" to play
  • Go crazy on the game


  • WASD or arrow keys to drive
  • 1-7 to change view
  • T to enter slow motion
  • Shift to clutch
  • Enter to reset car
  • R to repair car