Street Racer Underground


Experience the thrill of illegal street racing while you dodge the police forces behind. Speed through the highway at night, avoid incoming traffic and make the highest score. The far you go, the more you get paid to buy and customise your sweet ride. Customise your car with an awesome collection of colours and speed through the traffic in style. Upgrade your car to the max and show your opponents who’s the real Street Racing King!

How to Play Street Racer Underground?

Street racer underground comes with two awesome game modes:

RACING MODE: Race other opponents with your sweet ride while you dodge the incoming traffic. You can enter the four race types by paying the race fees. Beware of hitting cars as you can slow down a lot if you crash into one. Remember the first three get a reward but the glory only goes to the fastest of them all!

ENDLESS MODE: Dodge the cops and the incoming traffic as you speed through the highway chasing checkpoints to keep the timer ticking...and push your highscore to the limits.With every checkpoint you reach the next checkpoint gets even harder to reach. Be careful of hitting the cars as it can slow you down a lot. The more checkpoints you get the higher your reward.
TIP: Overtake the cars to get bonus cash and nitro fill to speed up!


Left Arrow - Drive Left
Right Arrow Drive Right
Left click on Nitro to active Nitro

How to upgrade cars in Street Racer Underground?

There are plenty of upgrades and customisation options for each car you own in SRU. Buy and paint your favourite colour to the car body, windows and rims. If you feel your car is slower than your competition then head to the upgrade section and buy essential upgrades to your car speed, handling and the most important nitro.

What are the fastest cars in the game?

The fastest cars in the game are the Classic Ferrari Enzo and the modern classic Lamborghini Huracan.

About The Game

The game is developed by InLogic Games. There are known for their wide variety of games in the web games. With this game, they have offered an autobahn highway racer but with their own twist.

You begin the game with a short tutorial resulting in a cop chase. The cars get busted and you have to start from zero. The game then give information about your criminal record and what you can expect from this game. You are then proceeded to the available game modes in the game. This is how you will start your street racer journey with this awesome game. Play the game to find out what happens next in your journey, Prove yourself the best new street racer!

How can I save my progress in Street Racer Underground?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t clear your browsing data. If you clear your browsing data and cache. You will lose the data of this game.


Street Racer Underground
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Street Racer Underground
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Street Racer Underground
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