Street Racing

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Street Racing is a fun and free to play browser game that put you behind the wheel of a handful of exotic cars with one mission and one mission only – win the race. With graphics similar to that of previous-gen consoles and addicting gameplay, Street Racing unblocked will keep you busy for hours. When you start the game, you can choose between a few different cars and pick your favorite color. Once you start the race, you’ll have to beat your opponents. Do you have what it takes?

How to Play Street Racing?

To win each race, you’ll have to control your car with precision, pick up wrench icons to repair your car on the go, and collect nitro icons to fill up your nitro boosters. Repairs are applied automatically as you pick them up, but you’ll have to activate your nitro boosters whenever you want to use them. The indicator in the bottom right corner tells you how much nitro you have at all time. Beware, however, that if your car takes too much damage, it will be wrecked, and you’ll lose the race. Check out the controls below:


  • Left turn – Left Arrow
  • Right Turn – Right Arrow
  • Brake\Reverse – Back Arrow
  • Hand Brake – Space
  • Acceleration – Up Arrow
  • Nitro – LFT CTRL
  • Pause – Esc
  • Camera – C