The Heist 2

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Following the success of the original, the Heist 2 brings more action and excitement than ever before. The objective of the game remains the same. Take control over your gang and steal as much gold as possible before the cops arrive at the scene. Once you’ve robbed your fill, jump into the getaway car and make sure you don’t get caught by the police. Feel free to hire the specialists who are best suited for the job-at-hand and make sure that they’re packing some heat in their belts.

Be very careful in choosing which specialist handles which job; one wrong hire and your heist empire could come crumbling down and you could end up on the wrong side of a jail cell. Feel free to go out-of-the-box in order to achieve your missions.

Play the Heist 2 and enjoy all the excitement the game provides. From more missions to crazier high-speed pursuits, the Heist 2 has all of them in loads. Play the game and see what it’s like to be involved in a crime.

How to Play

  • Before you get started, you must first choose a specialist to carry out your missions. Each specialist comes with a specific specialization that’s required to accomplish specific tasks. Once you’ve chosen a specialist, you start with the first mission with a standard-issue gun and a standard-issue escape car.
  • Earn more money and you can upgrade your gun and car, as well as other important tools that are needed for a specific mission.
  • You don’t take control of the game until the high-speed car chase starts. That actual heist is done by the computer. Once your specialists are in the car, that’s when you take control of the game.
  • Be sure to take out all the police cars that stand in your way. The more police cars you destroy, the higher your score will be.
  • As you progress in the game, be sure to upgrade your weapons and your get-away car. Use the arrow keys to control your car. The top arrow key accelerates the car while the bottom arrow key decelerates the car. Press the left and right arrow buttons to change lanes and hit police cars that are getting in your way.
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