Top Speed Muscle Cars

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The streets are yours in this open-world game. Drive a wide assortment of vehicles in Top Speed Muscle Cars! Take pictures of your car from a wide variety of angles, drift around city streets, and change your car model whenever you feel like it. There’s something for every muscle car fan in this game!

Use the arrow keys or WASD to drive, C to change the camera angle, Shift to clutch, Spacebar to use the handbrake, and R to fully repair your car. Change your muscle car model by pressing G or H. Drive on!


  • After the game loads, click on Play on the center to start the game


  • W/UP: Accelerate
  • S/DOWN: Brake
  • A/LEFT: Turn left
  • D/RIGHT: Turn right
  • SPACEBAR: Hand brake
  • C: Change camera
  • I: Turn the engine on or off
  • SHIFT: Clutch
  • R: Repair your Car
  • T: Take a Snapshot
  • G/H: Change Muscle Car Model


  • The more hits your car has the worse it performs, press R to repair your car and maintain its peak performance
  • The city is yours, so feel free to drive around and explore as much as you can!