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Topspeed Stunt racing is a new take on stunt car driving and includes cars that look like real-life cars. There are a number of vehicles to choose from and a number of different tracks with different stunt props that are ready for you to dominate. There’s a catch, though, and that catch is that you have to unlock every other car and course in the game with credits you’ve earned by doing stunts. It’s a lot of fun, so it’s time you get to it!


When the game loads, start by pressing the settings button, type your name, then press the back button to go to the main menu. You can click on garage to choose your vehicle, but you’ll have to play for a while before you can afford one of these babies. Likewise, if you want to move to a different stunt track, you’ll need to pay for that as well.

The controls are simple, but there are a lot, so pay attention

Basic car controls:
• Forward arrow key: gas
• Back arrow key: brake
• Left\right arrow keys: steering
• Space: handbrake
Stunt controls
• B – Boost
• I – Front flip
• K – Backflip
• J – Spin left
• L – Spin right
• Left\Right arrow keys in the air – barrel roll
• Z - Respawn

Fastest car in the game

The fastest cars in the game are the GTX Ultra (McLaren 720S) and Da Godfather (Bugatti Veyron). Of course, it’s not all about being fast, so they perform stunts pretty good too!

How Boost Works in Topspeed Stunt Racing?

Boost is quite simple and is similar to the Nitro function that you find in other games. The boost bar is located at the bottom left of the window. As you use boost (the B key), the meter will drop. But, don’t worry too much about conserving boost as it replenishes with every stunt you do or any time you’ve spent in the air!

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