Uphill bus simulator: offroad

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Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad isn’t your typical bus simulator. You don’t have to deal with all the traffic and people that you usually find in those other city bus simulator games. Instead, Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad unblocked puts you in a very rural area somewhere in the mountains where you have to navigate dirt roads and avoid falling off the edge. With 30 levels, and three different game modes, Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad will keep you busy for hours.

How To Play Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad?

In Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad, you’ll enjoy the driving more than you will actually delivering people to their destinations. Each level consists of either picking someone up or dropping them off – that’s it. Use the mini map in the top left corner of the screen to determine where you’re at and where you have to go. You’re the green arrow, and your destination is the big green blip.


  • W/Up arrow – Accelerate
  • S/Down arrow – Brake
  • A/Left arrow – Turn left
  • D/Right arrow – Turn right
  • Space – eBrake

How Do I Save My Progress in Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad?

There’s no need to manually save your progress in Uphill Bus Simulator: Offroad. You progress will automatically be saved so you can always come back and complete levels that you haven’t completed or enjoy the time trials over and over again!