Van is an online driving game that’s less about driving and more about avoiding other cars that are passing you in the freeway.

You have the slowest vehicle in the game and your objective is to avoid all the cars that are passing you by. You have a set distance to cover to get to your destination. The objective of the game is to make it to your destination without your cargo van getting hit. Even the slightest contact to the side doors will cause your van to spin and eject you and your companion to the streets.

Some cars are faster than others so be on the lookout for those and stay out of their way. Once you make it to your destination, you will earn money that you can use for upgrades. Progress quickly and you can upgrade your passenger van and make it more capable swerving in and out of highway traffic.

How to Play

  • Click “Start” on the main menu screen to get started
  • The objective of the game is simple: avoid cars that are passing you. Some cars are slow and are easy to avoid; other cars are fast and will take a lot of focus and attention to avoid.
  • You have nine (9) miles to get to your destination. If you get hit by a car, your van will spin and you’ll have to try again
  • The game is more difficult than it looks, especially as you get closer to your destination. More cars pop up and some are too fast for your own senses.
  • There are no arrow key controls. You control your van through your mouse, but be careful not to go beyond the game’s screen and lose control of your van
  • Keep your focus, make it to your destination, and proceed to the next level


  • Use your mouse to navigate your van left and right between lanes
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