Vegas City Highway Bus Parking

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If you’re into parking games, then you’re going to love Vegas City Highway Bus Parking. You start out with basic parking maneuvers, but as you complete each level, you’ll get increasingly harder courses to navigate. The graphics aren’t the best, and the gameplay is kind of slow, but it’s tons of fun to navigate a huge bus in tight spaces.

How to Place Vegas City Highway Bus Parking Simulator?

Drive your bus from the starting position and stop it inside the yellow box. Once you’re inside the box, wait for the time to count down from three to complete the level. If the timer turns red, you need to adjust your bus so that you’re fully inside the parking spot. Be careful not to hit any walls, vehicles, or people – if you do, you’ll fail the level and have to start over.


- * W/Up arrow – Accelerate
- * S/Down arrow – Brake
- * A/Left arrow – Turn left
- * D/Right arrow – Turn right
- * Space – eBrake

How to Save My Progress in Vegas City Highway Bus Parking Simulator?

Your progress in Vegas City Highway Bus Parking Simulator is automatically saved, so whenever you come back to to play, you’ll be able to start out at the last level you completed – how’s that for awesome?