Wheely 2

Wheely has fallen in love with a gorgeous lady in pink, but as soon as he sees here, see’s loaded onto a truck and taken away. Can you help Wheely find his love before its too late? Work your way through 16 levels as you help Wheely solve different puzzles so that he can get to the end. You have to think critically, never give up, and remember that Wheely is depending on you!

How to Play Wheely 2 Unblocked?

Wheely needs your help to get to the end of each level so that he kind find the love of his life. The first couple of levels are pretty easy and have hints to help you along the way, but after that, you have to use critical thinking and problem solving to get Wheely where he needs to go.


Click on Wheely to make him move, click on various buttons or obstacles to interact with them. You can use your mouse if you’re on a PC or if you’re on a phone or tablet, simply touch your screen.

How to Unlock New Levels in Wheely 2?

The only way to unlock new levels in Wheely 2 is to keep helping Wheely Solve levels. There are no cheat codes or ways to skip levels. If you get stuck, you can view the walkthrough video at the top of the screen for help, but if you keep trying, you’ll be able to solve the riddles in each level.

How to Save Progress in Wheely 2?

Your progress in Wheely 2 is automatically saved as you complete each level, and you don’t have to do anything. Every time you come back, you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off.

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