Wheely 3


Wheel found his one true love in Wheely 2, but she won’t be happy until he gets her some new wheels. As wheely sets out to get his love what she needs, he’s kidnapped and must escape, but that’s only the start. Even after you help Wheely escape, you have to avoid the captors and get back to your girlfriend safely. Can you help Wheely get through all 12 levels?

How to Play Wheely 3?

Solve various riddles and puzzles to help Wheely escape his captors and hide from them as you advance from level to level. Make sure to think about where Wheely is going next or you might get yourself into trouble.


Use your mouse or finger to click on different objects and interact with them to help wheely get from one side of the level to the other.

How to Unlock New Levels in Wheely 3?

Wheely 3 is a level based story, so you have to complete one level to move onto the next. If you get stuck, try to touch different objects to see if you can interact with them and, as a last resort, you can watch the walkthrough video by pressing the walkthrough button at the top of your screen.

Is My Game Saved Automatically in Wheely 3?

Yes, your progress in Wheely 3 is saved automatically, but it is saved in your browser’s cache. So, as long as you play from the same browser and don’t clear your browser cache, you’ll always be able to pickup where you left off. You can also replay any level you like by pressing the level select button.