Wheely 4


Wheely is back for his fourth adventure, but in the very first level he gets a flat tire thanks to a troublesome bird, and you have to help him get fixed. While he’s at the repair shop, though, Wheely is given a whole bunch of new upgrades that will take him through time – can you help him get used to his new equipment and solve all the puzzles to get Wheely home safely?

How to Play Wheels 4?

Wheely 4 is a fun puzzle solving game that only requires you to click or touch your screen to help Wheely navigate each level. Start on level one, and click on various components inside the game to make a path for Wheely to get to the end of the level. With each completed level a new one unlocks. Be sure to keep and open mind and a keen eye – you’ll need your best problem-solving skills to get Wheely home save.

How Many Wheely Games Are There?

As of right now, there are a total of 8 Wheely games, so if you really liked this one, be sure to check out our entire collection of Wheely games below!

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