Wheely 5


Wheely is back for another adventure, and this time it’s more extreme than ever before. Wheely has completely settled down with his girlfriend and what starts as a relaxing Saturday cutting the grass quickly turns into Armageddon as meteors plummet to the earth. Wheely went out to buy a new lawnmower but to get home Wheely needs all the help you can give him. Improve your problem solving skills and have fun in Wheely 5 Armageddon unblobked.

How to Play Wheely 5 Armageddon?

Wheely 5 Armageddon is the most challenging of the Wheely games yet. As usual, you have to solve a bunch of different puzzles to get Wheely through each level, but you’ll also be playing like never before, including driving along the highway and controlling other vehicles. The controls in Wheely 5 unblocked are the same as all other games, so click or touch different objects to interact with them (use the steering wheel to control Wheely on the road) – can you get through all 13 levels and get Wheely home safely?

How to Unlock New Levels In Wheely 5 Unblocked?

The only way to unlock new levels in Wheely 5 Armageddon is to beat the levels that come before them. You can also reply any levels you’ve already completed, so you can try as many times as you like to get 3 stars for each level.

Have Fun, Don’t Worry About Saving

Your progress in Wheely 5 Armageddon is saved automatically, so as long as you don’t clear your browser cache or play from a different computer, you can always come back and play later!

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