Wheely 7


All Detectives ON ALERT! A robbery has occurred and Wheely needs your help in Wheel 7 unblocked to discover who’s responsible for the robbery. To bring the suspect to justice, you’ll need your best problem-solving and logic skills to help Wheely work his way through 15 different challenging and entertaining levels. Will you bring the robbers to justice or will the get away with their horrible crime?

How to Play Wheel 7

To help Wheely solve the robbery in his latest adventure, Wheely 7, search through each level for clues, and help Wheely solve problems to get to the end of the level. All you have to do is touch your screen or click with your mouse on suspected clues or puzzles.

How to Unlock New Levels In Wheel 7?

The only way to unlock new levels in Wheely 7 unblocked is to solve the problems and help Wheely get to the end of each and every level .There are 15 in total, and he needs your help in every single one, and you must get to the end if you want to unlock the next level!

How Do I Save My Game in Wheely 7?

Thanks to the awesome technology here on TopSpeed.com, you don’t have to do anything to save your progress. We do that automatically for you with every level you beat, so you’ll never have to go back and solve the same problem twice.

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