World Cars & Cops Simulator Sandboxed

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If you have fun in Grand Theft Auto running from the cops, then you’re going to love World Cars & Cops Simulator Sandboxed. Get be hind the wheel of some of the world’s coolest cars and hoon yourself around the city. The cops will chase you, and you’ll have to avoid them. Keep an eye on your life meter, though, once it falls to zero, your car will blow up and the game will be over. The more you drift and the more random jumps in the city you make, the more money you’ll earn. In World Cars & Cops Simulator Sandboxed and unblocked, you can play by yourself or in the world of online multiplayer. There are 5 cars to unlock and each one can be upgraded to be fasted, handle better, and stop harder.

How to Play World Cars & Cops Simulator Sanboxed?

The whole purpose of World Cars & Cops Simulator unblocked is to race around the city, hiting the various ramps, and drifting every corner you come across. Oh, and you have to outrun the cops too, as they await on almost every corner, and they are very aggressive. Every drift, jump, or stunt you perform earns you money that you can use to unlock new cars and buy upgrades.


- * Up arrow/W – Accelerate
- * Down arrow/S – Brake
- * Left arrow/A – Turn left
- * Right arrow/D – Turn right
- * C – Change camera
- * R – Reset
- * ESC – Pause/Menu

How to Unlock the Fastest Car in World Cars & Cops Simulator Sandboxed?

Obviously, you want to unlock the fastest car in the game, and that’s the fifth unlockable car, a Ferrari coupe. Unlocking the Ferrari is simple. Just earn $9,000 then choose to unlock it. It might take you a little while to get there, but it’ll be well worth it.

How to Upgrade Your Car in World Cars & Cops Simulator Sandboxed?

Upgrading your car is simple, but you’ll need to earn some money first. Once you have some money saved, up, click on the “Upgrade” button under the car you want to upgrade. From here, you can choose “Body” to paint your car a different color for $200. There are also four stages of upgrades for the engine, brakes, and steering. If you want nitro, and we know you do, you can get the starting kit for $300, but the stage 4 upgrade for $1,200. Once you’ve upgraded your car, you’ll be able to enjoy better handling, braking, and high speeds. Take like coppers!

Can I Save My Progress in World Cars & Cops Simulator?

Luckily, you don’t have to beat the game and unlock everything in one go. Everytime you complete a round, you progress is automatically saved, and you’ll be able to start with the same money and cars you’ve earned next time you return to play – just promise you’ll come back soon because we’ll miss you :)