Wrong Way

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Wrong Way is one of those driving games that you don’t expect is fun. But then you play it and you suddenly can’t get enough of it.

There aren’t enough car games out there that let you create your own race track, as well as customize your vehicles and put them all together in one place for a rollicking fun time.

The game starts as a blank map. The parking garage and the repair center are the only things you’ll see, but you can start building your track by adding objects in place.

Ramps, warehouse units, straight road sections, corner road sections, crossroad sections, T-junction sections, and other elements that can help you create the race track of your dreams.

Once you’ve completed your race track, you can test it out by driving any one of the following cars in it: a Mercedes-AMG, Porsche 911, Aston Martin, Nissan GT-R, and, of course, a pickup truck.

Get creative in designing your own race track and have fun when it’s done. Your track should invite crash occurrences, head-on collisions, and a lot of wrong-way signs.

How to Play

  • Game controls can be tricky in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it, it should get a lot easier. The WASD keys are used to move the camera view. Moreover, use the right-click mouse button to rotate the camera.
  • When you want to select an object, you need to click it from the toolbar menu and click it again to place it on the map. To rotate an object, first click on it - the object will turn red and a rotate and remove icon will appear.
  • Each item can be placed and rotated individually. Road sections automatically join together, preventing wrong tracks from being created.
  • Ensure the road sections create a logical circuit to prevent vehicles headed in the wrong direction from crashing.


WASD or arrow keys = drive or move building camera
Mouse = camera interction
Enter = reset car
R = repair car
T = slow time
C = change camera
Space bar = handbrake