Zombie Derby


Zombie Derby unblocked puts you in the seat of some old-school vehicles right in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. As a delivery driver, of sorts, you need to get to the end of each level while paying attention to your fuel because if you run out the level is over (and you’ll probably get eaten.) There are a total of nine levels in Zombie Derby, but you the last three won’t be unlocked until you complete all the others, and there’s a kicker: you have to play each level a lot. You can’t get to the end of any level without first upgrading your vehicle so you have enough fuel. With every attempt, you earn more money toward those upgrades!

How to Play Zombie Derby?

To get to the end of each zombie-filled level in Zombie Derby unblocked, you’ll need to pay careful attention to how much gas you use and upgrade your vehicle just right to make it to the end. Once you’ve upgraded your vehicle, you can shoot obstacles and zombies out of your way and once you’ve installed nitro, you can get an extra boost at the times when you need it the most. Keep playing each level and killing zombies to earn money for these upgrades.


  • Accelerate: Up or W
  • Brake: Down or S
  • Lean Left in Flight: Left or A
  • Lean Right in Flight: Right or D
  • Shoot: Space
  • Nitro Booster: Left Shift

How to Buy New Cars in Zombie Derby?

From the main menu, press the play button, and then choose a level that you’d like to play. Once you do this, you’ll be directed to vehicle select screen. Use the red arrows on the sides of the screen to browse through the other four vehicles in the game. Each of these vehicles unlock after you beat a certain level in the game, so be sure to keep updating your first vehicle until you can get through the first level, at which point you can unlock the Hunter pickup truck.

How to Upgrade Your Vehicle in Zombie Derby?

Start out by choosing a level in the level select screen, which will bring you to the vehicle selection screen. Here, you’ll find six different upgrades, three on each side. You can add and upgrade your booster, buy more default fuel, add and upgrade a machine gun, upgrade your engine to go faster, buy new wheels for better traction, and add a ploy of sorts – the most expensive upgrade for each vehicle. Just click on each upgrade and then confirm you want to buy it. If you need more coins, hop back onto the road and kill more zombies. We suggest upgrading the fuel first, and then your engine and nitro boosters. These will get you further through the level so you can earn more money and make more upgrades.

How to Save Progress in Zombie Derby?

Your progress is automatically saved on Zombie Debry’s server, but there is a unique cookie stored in your browser’s memory. As long as you don’t clear your browser’s cookies, you’ll always be able to continue your progress.

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