City Car Stunt 4


Drive your favorite cars through insane sky high race tracks and beat down tough rivals to claim victory. You can also bring your friend along and play head to head. If you just want to make stunts and explore city then head over to FREE MODE and collect the diamonds scattered across the city as you make crazy stunt sequences. Choose from great cars and add them to your collection. You can also add stunning skins to your car body or paint them with color and drive in style. Are you ready to prove yourself the best racer/driver? Prove yourself with City Car Stunt 4!

How to play City Car Stunt 4?

There are 2 game modes in City Car Stunt 4 for you to explore.
FREE MODE: Collect diamonds scattered across the city and use them to buy your favorite car. You can make crazy stunts with your car in free mode. Bring along your friend as this is also a 2 player game mode and go head to head with your friend.
RACING MODE: Race with tough rivals on a sky high race track and dodge road blocks to become the winner. You can also race with your friend as this is also a 2 player game mode.


Player 1:
Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer
N: Nitro
B: Look Back
Player 2:
W,A,S,D: Drive/Steer
T: Nitro
C: Look Back
R: Restart Level

What are the fastest cars available in this game?

The fastest cars in the game are the Lamborghini Murcielago and Lykan Hypersport.

What are the customizations and upgrades available in this game?

There are a lot of customizations for you to apply on your car. You can customize your car color or apply crazy skins to it. You can also apply essential upgrades to your car to speed it up - Top Speed, Acceleration, Brake Power and Steer Sensitivity.

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browser cache or data. Otherwise, You can lose all your game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by RHM Interactive. They are known for their stunning car and various other category titles in the web games portals. They are a pioneer of the two player games category. With this game, They have offered a stunning 2 player racing game with free roam mode.



City Car Stunt 4
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Amazing Gameplay!
One of the best gameplay of a car game. Play this game only on
City Car Stunt 4
- image 1045533
Cool Cars To Unlock!
Unlock stunning race cars and drive them at insane speeds.
City Car Stunt 4
- image 1045534
Tough Races!
Compete with tough opponents and claim your victory.
City Car Stunt 4
- image 1045535
Apply paint to your car or customize it with stunning skins.
City Car Stunt 4
- image 1045536
Great Stunt Free Roam!
Make crazy stunt sequences and drive across the city.

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