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Coming Soon: Drift Hunters MAX

After a long waiting period of more than 3 years, we finally have the sequel of the most famous web based drift game series, Drift Hunters! And it is called Drift Hunters Max!

The new sequel will offer ton of new features that were missing in the Drift Hunters Classic. With more than 37 cars to unlock and 12 realistic tracks to drift on. Drift Hunters Max becomes a worthy sequel to check out. In the meantime you can play Drift Hunters 2 above.

We’ll update this page as soon as Drift Hunters Max is officially released (early summer 2022).

Drift Hunters Classic is known for its incredible graphics for a web game when it was released. Drift Hunters Max takes it a mile further with the graphics and effects. The game makes complete use of the powerful Unity Engine combined with the classic drift behavior of the cars leaves us with nothing but good things to say.


What’s NEW in Drift Hunters MAX ?

Drift Hunters Max Cars

The new sequel offers upto 37 cars to choose and unlock. Drift Hunters Max still has all the cars from the Drift Hunters Classic with 11 more cars added in the new sequel. Here’s our article on all the cars that are available in Drift Hunters Classic. The new car models and materials are heavily worked on and look really realistic for a web based game. Customization options are still the same in the new sequel but with better layout and intuitive controls.

Toyota GR Supra 2020

This new sequel offers the new Toyota GR Supra 2020 and the old school Toyota Supra 1993.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052312
  • Offer Price: 78,400 CR

Lamborghini Huracan STO

YEAP! You can make drifts with a stunning Lamborghini Huracan STO in the new sequel.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052311
  • Offer Price: 136,900 CR

Mazda Miata MX5 ND

The best coupe drift car is now available in the new sequel for a steal of a price. Mazda Miata MX5 makes to the list.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052313
  • Offer Price: 10,000 CR

Dodge Charger

The famous Dodge Charger SRT is now available in the new line up of cars.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052316
  • Offer Price: 52,900 CR

BMW M3 E92

The stunning E92 from the M3 series is now available for purchase.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052314
  • Offer Price: 67,600 CR

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X

The stunning beast car Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X is also part of the new line up for an amazing price.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052315
  • Offer Price: 32,400 CR

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA makes it to the new car line up at a fair price and drifting statistics.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052317
  • Offer Price: 90,000 CR

Dodge Viper GTS

The new sequel offers second dodge car in the line up with the stunning Dodge Viper GTS.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052318
  • Offer Price: 115,600 CR

Lamborghini Countach 1980

Drift Hunters Max has two lamborghinis in the new line up! Welcome Lamborghini Countach for the old school car lovers!

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052319
  • Offer Price: 115,600 CR

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40 is part of the new line up. This just adds up to the variety of cars available in the game.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052320
  • Offer Price: 108,900 CR

Nissan Silvia PS13

Last but not the least the stunning custom Nissan Silvia PS13 makes the line up as the most costly car in the game after the Porsche 911 in the last version.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052321
  • Offer Price: 160,000 CR

Drift Hunters Max - Tracks

The new sequel offers a staggering 12 stunning tracks to pick and choose from right of the bat. With the new improvement in the graphics, all of the tracks look stunning and more vibrant than the last sequel which had a greyish color palette.

Most of the tracks in the new sequel are brand new with 7 new offerings. Just like the Cars, Drift Hunters Max has kept the most famous and popular tracks from the Drift Hunters Classic among the players like Emashi, Tyshen, Greenstone, Waterfront and Container Yard.
NOTE: All the tracks are unlocked and you can pick any level right of the bat.


Vibrant real life spain race track inspired track is part of the tracklist.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052322


A cool farm and countryside inspired track for you to explore is part of the tracklist.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052323


A cool little track in the desert industrial side being part of the tracklist.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052324


A chilly iceland based race track with stunning visuals.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052325


A cool mountain touge track for you to get the nostalgic Initial D vibes.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052326


An Ohio based race track is also part of the Drift Hunters Max. The graphics are similar to the Spain race track.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052327

City Streets

Last but not the least we have an actual city to explore in the new Drift Hunters Max.

Drift Hunters Max
- image 1052328

Drift Hunters Max F.A.Q.

Which is the most expensive car in the new game?

The most expensive car in the game is the new Nissan Silvia PS13 available for 160,000 CR in the game.

Which is the fastest car in the new game?

The fastest car in the game is the Lamborghini Huracan STO available for 136,900 CR. It has a Top Speed of 320km/h in STOCK type.

Drift Hunters Classic and Drift Hunters Max are both developed by Ilya Kaminetsky. You can support the developer for his amazing work by downloading the game on Android and iOS.

You can also download the classic Drift Hunters for free for PC from Developer’s itch.io page. You can also donate if you’d like to support his development for the new games.

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