Evo City Driving


Pick your favorite car from a variety of real life super cars. Get to drive them on over the limit speeds and practice your driving skills. There is no objective in the game. So you can go crazy on the throttle and make crazy stunts and explore the city for hours. You can pick your car at the start of the race and while driving throughout the city. There is damage done to your car even if you crash so you have the full liberty to drive at stunning speeds while you drive past walking pedestrians and buildings. Are you ready to be the fastest driver of the city? Prove yourself with Evo City Driving!

How to play Evo City Driving?

Evo City Driving is a free roam driving game. You can do anything you want in this game whether that includes drifting, driving or making stunts. This game offers you the freedom to do whatever you want and wherever you want. You can really master your driving skills in this game and drive beautiful real life car models. Which we don’t get to see often in a web game.


W,A,S,D/Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer/Brake
Spacebar: Handbrake
C: Change camera.

What are the fastest cars in the game?

The fastest cars in the game are the Nissan GTR Nismo and the Stunning Lamborghini Aventador. The BMW M8 also comes in the list.

How to save progress in the game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, you can lose all your game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed and offered by G55.co. They are a cool game publisher and developer with variety of free roam car driving games on web. With thus game, They have offered a stunning car list and a gorgeous city to drive them in.



Evo City Driving
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Stunning Cars To Unlock!
Choose from upto 10 cars and drive till the tires fall off. Play this game on TopSpeed.com.
Evo City Driving
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Realistic Physics!
Experience realistic driving powered by amazing vehicle physics of this game.
Evo City Driving
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Amazing Graphics!
Drive in a gorgeous city with walking pedestrian. Try not to create any casualties.
Evo City Driving
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Realistic Gameplay!
Drive or drift, you will get realistic vehicle simulation.
Evo City Driving
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Super Fast Speed!
Drive super cars at insane speeds with absolutely no damage.

Similar/Alternative Games

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3D City Racer 2: Similar concept, good graphics but bad lighting.
Meya Stunt City: Good graphics and game modes to explore

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