Meya Stunt City


Drive and make stunts in a well lit city and complete stunt missions to get rewarded. Unlock upto 5 different cars and experience the thrill of driving through the traffic at insane speeds. Get to fly over buildings with the stunt ramps designed to make you fly through the city. Prove that you can make stunts and drive like a pro!

How to play Meya Stunt City?

The game has two game modes for you to experience crazy speed driving -
STUNT LEVELS: Complete 15 different stunt levels to get reward and unlocking all the cars. The levels get tough as you move forward and you really have to strategize the stunt and your fall point.
FREE ROAM: If you just want to drive around the city as you dodge incoming traffic. Free Roam is a good choice for you.

NOTE: You will get Meya Coins by actually triggering the ’Meya Stunt Icon’. Make sure you get it. Usually located after you make the stunt from the ramp.
Also, Make sure you use the nitro to get through tough stunt jumps.


WASD/Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer/Brake
F: Nitro
Lamps Lighting: L,
Space Bar: HandBrake
C: Change Camera

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browser data and cache or else you can lose all the game progress made.

About the game

The game is developed by Meya Games. They are a game publisher and developer. They are known for their stunning car and games of all variety.

With this game they have offered a free roam based stunt racing game where you will have to get to the finish line yourself without any help. It is very fun and challenging.

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Meya Stunt City
- image 1041518
5 Cars to unlock!
Drive and make stunts with these gorgeous 5 cars.
Meya Stunt City
- image 1041514
Optimized Traffic System!
Dodge or crash traffic it all depends on you. Play this game on
Meya Stunt City
- image 1041515
Realistic Car Physics!
The game is powered by realistic car physics. So you can do stunts, drift and drive according to your wish.
Meya Stunt City
- image 1041516
Amazing Graphics and Effects!
Experience the stunning city and drive around the thriving metropolis.
Meya Stunt City
- image 1041517
13 Tough And Challenging Levels!
Strategize your stunt fall and win the level with careful planning with your car.
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