Rally Point 4


Drive your favorite car through difficult rally tracks and practice your offroad skills. Unlock 9 stunning tracks and drive through Desert, Jungle and Snowy environments to become the best rally racer. As you complete levels you get to unlock more cars and tracks. Make sure to use the nitro to help you speed up through the tracks. Slip your tires on different off road conditions and become the best Off roader with Rally Point 4!

How to play Rally Point 4?

Rally Point 4 is one of the best Rally Racing games available online. This game offers 9 rally tracks and 3 Locations for you to fully master the art of rally racing. You can unlock 9 cars in the game as you complete levels or try the cars by watching a rewarded video ad. Make sure to use the nitro to speed up during rally sessions.
NOTE: Make sure you don’t over use nitro otherwise your car will explode due to heating of the engine.
To win the levels, All you have to do is reach the finish line before the time runs up. Sounds Easy? There are difficult turns and breaks for you to drive over before you reach the finish line.


Arrow Keys / WASD: Drive/Steer
Shift / X: Drift
Space / Z: Nitro

How to save your progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browsing data or cache. Otherwise, You can all your game progress made in this game.

About the game

This game is developed by Xform Games. They are known for their stunning vehicle and shooting games available to play for free. With this game, They have added another sequel to their most popular series Rally Point.

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Rally Point 4
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Stunning Visuals And Gameplay!
Experience the best rally racing. Play this game on TopSpeed.com.
Rally Point 4
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A Lot Of Content To Unlock!
With 9 tracks and 9 rally cars to unlock there is a lot of content to keep you hooked.
Rally Point 4
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Great Rally Racing Physics!
Best rally racing physics to drive and speed through the off road tracks.
Rally Point 4
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Amazing Effects!
Great Nitro, Skidmarks and Blast GFX.
Rally Point 4
- image 1042786
9 Levels To Unlock!
Unlock rally tracks in 3 locations.

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