Traffic Control


The city council is looking for a trustworthy traffic officer who can avoid casualties on the newly constructed tunnel highway. They are looking for someone who can control the traffic in a strategic way. The council is offering a helicopter view of the road for you to examine the traffic and make the decision based on your judgement. Remember they are not expecting any casualties. As you take good care of the traffic then you can unlock more sights to work on but you will fail the endless cycle of traffic control if you let a casualty take place. They keep a record on how many cars you were able to save. Make the best score and compete with other traffic officers of the town. Are you ready to be a responsible traffic officer? Become a real life hero and save the citizens of your city with Traffic Control!

How to play Traffic Control?

Traffic Control is an endless simple click and touch game. There are 5 levels that you can unlock after completing their requirements. You simply have to observe the traffic and speed up the car that could potentially crash. The more cars that go through the road, The more your score will be. You can unlock more levels when you reach certain level or highscore.
NOTE: You can also use the slow down feature in difficult situations.


Tap/Click/Touch On Cars: Speed them up in traffic.

How to save progress in the game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete any browsing data or cache. Otherwise, You could lose out on all game progress in the process.

About the game

The game is developed and presented by InLogic Games. They are pioneer of web games and have variety of games of all genres. With this game, They have offered a cute and stunning 3D traffic control game which is endless. So you can go on for hours and hours to be the best traffic officer.

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Traffic Control
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Amazing 2D Graphics Art!
Cute 2D art and graphics. Play this game only on
Traffic Control
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5 Levels To Unlock!
Unlock 5 different sights. Make the most score on every sight.
Traffic Control
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Avoid Casualties!
Avoid car crashing and make the highest score by letting cars go.
Traffic Control
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Mobile Friendly!
Play on the go. Anywhere at anytime.
Traffic Control
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Easy Single Click Controls!
Simple click/tap on car to speed it up controls.

Similar/Alternative Games

Traffic Run: Similar Concept but alot more cartoony graphics.
Traffic Run Online: Drive on a narrow road and avoid traffic to get to finish line. Great concept and cool graphics.
Parking Escape: Slide on cars to untangle them from a puzzle based parking lot with stuck cars.

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