Trash Truck Simulator


City Cleaning Company is looking for a responsible garbage truck driver who can help clean the city. They want someone who can pick up garbage as instructed and drop it at the Garbage Area. They are looking for someone who can drive safely and reach the collection points as soon as possible. Become the real hero of the city. Help your city be clean and tidy for all the world to come and visit. Are you ready for the challenge?

How to play Trash Truck Simulator?

The game is a level based game. There are 8 levels that get bigger and tougher as you complete your current levels. You have to pick up the garbage through the collection and point and drop it at the garbage area. The collection points increase as you complete the current level.


WASD: Drive/Steer/Brake
NOTE: Click the collection button to collect garbage and drop button to drop it at the garbage area.

What are the customizations available in this game?

You can customize your truck with different colors before the level starts.

How to save progress in this game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete your browsing data or cache. Otherwise your game progress will be delete as well.

About the game

The game is presented by With this game, They have presented a realistic garbage truck simulation and what goes on with the garbage truck.

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Trash Truck Simulator
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Stunning graphics and effects!
Become the real city hero and help collecting the garbage to keep the city clean. Play this game on TopSpeed.
Trash Truck Simulator
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Customize your truck!
Apply different colors to your truck.
Trash Truck Simulator
- image 1041716
Experience the truck simulation!
Experience what goes on with the garbage collection truck.
Trash Truck Simulator
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Complete all missions!
Complete 8 different and tough missions and show your driving skills.
Trash Truck Simulator
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Great Gameplay!
Drive your truck through a thriving metropolis.
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