Truck Games Overview

Are you a truck guy (or girl?) If you are, then we’re glad you stopped by our Truck Games page. We have a large selection of games that puts you in the middle of a truck race, lets you try your hand at parking big 18-wheelers, test your luck delivering dangerous payloads, or take out zombies in customization vehicles.

Our absolute favorite game is called, simply, 18 Wheeler. In this game, you get park big commercial trucks in various places. Earm to Die is a very close second, though, and for very good reason. You don’t have to drive a truck in this game, but there’s something so fun about customizing a big truck and using it to layout as many zombies as you can. Fair warning – this game can be addicting fast, and you will accidentally stay up all night playing.

We also have fun games like Mining Truck 2. This is a 2d side-scroller in which you have to transport cargo from the depths of a mine to the off-loading point. It’s not as easy as it sounds, as the game has a strong physics engine, and it’s extremely easy to lose your cargo. So, you must control your speed and braking as you traverse the course in order to keep your load balanced. It’s certainly a hard game, but definitely fun.

If you want something a little more out-of-the-box, you can try The Farmer 3D. It’s not exactly a truck game, but you get to drive big farm equipment and work a digital farm. It’s not as in-depth, or graphics reach as Farm Simulator 2019, but it’s pretty cool for a browser game and certainly worth a look.