Two Stunts


Drive your favorite super car at insane speed and make crazy long jumps while dodging the obstacles in your way. Collect coins scattered across the stunt map and unlock 3 powerful cars. Customize your car with crazy skins and stand out on the roads. Use nitro to speed up on the ramp and make the longest air time. Choose from 3 stunning stunt tracks and create the longest air time in all the levels. Bring your friend along and see who makes the longest air time. Are you ready to accept the challenge? Prove yourself with Two Stunts!

How to play Two Stunts?

Two Stunts is a free roam based game. The main objective of the game is to create the longest air time. You can choose from 8 stunning cars and apply amazing skins to them. The last 3 cars of the game are locked and will require you to either collect coins in the stunt map or evade cops for certain amount of time. You can bring along your friend/colleague and see who makes the longest jumps and air time. There are 3 maps for you to explore in this game - Exhibition Arena, Nature’s Wonder and The Urban Area.
NOTE: Use Nitro to speed up on the stunt ramps.


Arrow Keys: Drive/Steer/Brake
N: Nitro
B: Look Back
W,A,S,D: Drive/Steer/Brake
T: Nitro
C: Look Back
R: Respawn

Which is the fastest car in the game?

The fastest car in the game is the Lamborghini Veneno. You can unlock this car by evading the police for 3 minutes.

How to save progress in the game?

The game data is saved in browser cache. Make sure you don’t delete the browser cache or data. Otherwise, you could lose out on all the game progress made in the process.

About the game

The game is developed by TwoPlayerGames. They are a pioneer in the web games portal for 2 Player Games category. With this game, they have offered a great car stunt simulator with crazy stunt levels and 8 cool rides for you to unlock and explore.



Two Stunts
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Crazy Free Roam!
Speed up on ramps and make the longest jumps while creating the highest air time. Play this game only on
Two Stunts
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Cool Cars To Unlock!
Unlock upto 8 stunning rides and cusotmize them with stunning skins.
Two Stunts
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Realistic Driving!
Experience realistic driving and drifting while dodging obstacles along the way.
Two Stunts
- image 1065039
Great Graphics!
Explore 3 stunning stunt levels and unlock 8 cool super cars.
Two Stunts
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Amazing Gameplay!
Make the longest air time by speeding up your favorite super cars.

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