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In a world where tablets, smartphones, and apps make for a lot of a child’s play arsenal, RC cars have the potential to get your kiddo out in the open where he can enjoy same real, palpable action by controlling his own RC car. And who knows, maybe he’ll even turn into an out-and-out petrolhead with a successful career in motor racing or off-road racing..

Needless to say, the RC car market is filled with avenues. We’ve picked 10 RC cars that suit all preferences and pockets. Let’s check them out, shall we?


Looking to do some dune bashing, but can’t afford to wreck your personal car? The Altair Power Pro 4x4 RC Truck can help you with that right in your own back yard! It’s got a four-wheel independent suspension system setup with six metal shock absorbers and all-terrain wheels that can handle almost anything you find! Top speed is rated over 30 MPH on flat surfaces, but the truck’s main selling point is its ability to kick ass regardless of the conditions, be it mud, water, or snow thanks to the IPX4 Water Resistance System. Get it for less than $200 on Amazon.

Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXL Stadium Truck

Another Traxxas RC car that makes it on our list is the Rustler 4x4 VXL truck. Although not a truck per se but more of a supercar-like body riding on huge Talon EXT wheels, the Rustler is basically a mean-looking wheelie machine. Sending power to all fours via a shaft-driver AWD setup, it can reach top speeds of 65+ mph. Stability on shaky ground comes from the imbued chassis that’s also 20 mm longer than Traxxas’ regular platform and accommodates the 3,500-kW Velineon brushless e-motor. Get it for $400 on Amazon.

Spesxfun Off-Road Truck

Looking for an entry-level RC off-road truck that won’t break the bank but still looks mean and drives accordingly? This Spesxfun concoction is for you and your kid. Courtesy of two e-motors, it can go as fast as 25 mph and its Ni-MH battery pack allows for 20 to 30 minutes of ceaseless fun on a full charge. Spesxfun also says the RC car’s body is made of ABS plastic and painted with safe spray materials. Get it for $40 on Amazon.

Traxxas Bigfoot

Right, so we’re back to Traxxas land with the Bigfoot. Essentially a licensed scale RC car inspired by the legendary Bigfoot monster truck, it packs a seven-cell Ni-MH battery and a four-amp, 12-volt DC fast charger. Power comes from a Titan 12-turn e-motor paired with a Magnum 722 transmission. The Bigfoot can reach top speeds of up to 30 mph but it won’t make a fool of itself while climbing stuff either thanks to its four-inch ground clearance. Oh, and its circuits and wires are waterproof and the body is made of Lexan, so don’t be afraid to take it out against the elements. Get it for $216 on Amazon.

Traxxas TRX-4 Defender

Don’t really like the new Defender and an old one would still severely puncture your budget? Have no fear, Traxxas is (again) here. The TRX-4 Defender is not cool looking, but it also packs a mean off-road punch. Meaning that Traxxas fitted it with portal axles (yes, you read that right!), remote locking differentials, and a Titan motor fed by a 6- or 7-cell Ni-MH batteries. Oh, and you can also opt for the 2- or 3-cell Li-Po battery packs. Everything sits nicely attached to the heavy-duty steel frame chassis and GTS aluminum shocks. And remember: this one’s not about speed or hooning in the dust, but more about carefully planning your path as you climb over all sorts of obstacles. Get it for $493 on Amazon.

Blexy RC Truck

We’re leaving Traxxas Land (for now) because something else caught our eye. This F1-shaped, chunky-tire off-roader is perfect for your kid. Its top speed is 20 kph (13 mph) and you won’t have to worry about crossing the occasional puddle - all its components are waterproof. In fact, Blexy says you can even give it a good wash with a high-power water spray once you’re done hooning it through the mud. Speaking of which, it’s got all sorts of protective bits and bobs like the front-end plate, roll cage, and even a special frame that keeps the e-motor safe from bumps and whatnot. Get it for $34 on Amazon.

Traxxas Ford Bronco

While we wait for the delayed debut of the 2021 Ford Bronco - thanks, COVID-19 - why not enjoy the 1979 Ford Bronco as a 1/10 scale RC car? The body kit on this particular toy is amazingly detailed and just like the Traxxas TRX-4 Defender, it too sits on portal axles and uses remote lock diffs to get the maximum amount of grip on slippery surfaces. In fact, the Bronco’s powertrain is identical to the Defender, but the overall price is a tad lower. Get it for $460 on Amazon.

Team Associated ProSC10

The Team Associated ProSC10 RC car is a direct rival for the Traxxas Slash 2WD. It comes as a 1/10-scale toy car that’s ready to run and packs the likes of big-bore coilover shocks, a sealed-gear differential, and 3,300-Kv electric motor. It goes without saying that every bit and bob is waterproof, but keep in mind that’s it’s designed for off-road racing and not necessarily rock crawling. Speed-wise, it will do around 40 mph and it’s pretty durable, so fun lasts longer. Get it for $405 on Amazon.

Jada Toys Fast and Furious Brian’s Nissan Skyline GT-R

Calling all Fast & Furious fans, this is your chance to own Brian’s Nissan Skyline GT-R, albeit in RC car form and with a strong drifting twist to it. Yes, this is a drift RC car that flaunts the same silver and blue livery seen on the original car. Now, being a drift-focused RC car, Jada Toys’ GT-R is not about speed. That’s why the manufacturer doesn’t offer info on that. However, Jada Toys offers spare rear tires because those are bound to suffer a lot of damage during your drifting stints in the living room - or on your driveway, for that matter. Get it for $48 on Amazon.

Team Associated Trophy Rat

Let’s switch the setting with another great Team Associated product: the Trophy Rat. It not only looks cool but it also makes do with a 3,300-Kv brushless motor, 12-mm front and rear hex-drive wheel nuts, and water-resistant components. Mind you, that rusty-looking body is the perfect sleeper because it not only hosts LED lights front and rear, but it’s capable of withstanding a lot of damage as it zap through your backyard at 40 mph. Get it for $450 on Amazon.

Who makes the best RC cars?

10 Best RC Cars
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Traxxas is one of the companies that managed to make a strong name for itself in the RC cars business. Their products are known for being durable, fast, and customization-friendly. What’s more, another brand that stands out is Team Associated, which impresses when it comes to versatility, quality, and the a spare parts lineup offered to buyers.

How fast can remote-controlled cars go?

10 Best RC Cars
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Just like real-life cars, RC cars serve a particular purpose. You’ve got off-roaders and speedsters too, as well as entry-level RC cars. In general, speed varies between 10 mph to 70 mph for well-built radio controlled cars, but some dragster-like RCs can also top 100 mph on rare occasions.

How much does a remote control car cost?

10 Best RC Cars
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Again, it depends on the RC car. Prices can range from $30 to even $800 or more for more complex and faster cars, while custom-made examples can sell for $1,000 easily.

What are the best RC drift cars?

10 Best RC Cars
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For an RC car to be able to drift it has to be RWD. Battery capacity and e-motor power are less important, as you’ll be able to let that rear end slide away easily on dust covered or wet surfaces. But obviously, RWD is a must, although an AWD RC car will still drift under the right conditions. One of the most popular RC drift cars is the Team Associated Apex Scion, but the Redcat Racing EXP is also held in pretty high regard.

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