• 10 Things That Make the 2023 Nissan Z an Instant Classic

Here’s everything you need to know to stay up-to-date on the upcoming 2023 Nissan Z

The 2023 Nissan Z is right around the corner, and after initial impressions, it is safe to say that 13 years after the release of the original 370Z, Nissan is finally back with a bang to showcase its true engineering prowess once again. The new Z gets all the right ingredients, from a twin-turbo V-6 to a manual transmission, and a starting price of just $41,015. So, here are 10 reasons why the upcoming Nissan Z is worth all the hype.

Shifting Nomenclature

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So far, Nissan’s Japanese traditions and no-nonsense approach to naming its cars have been much appreciated by the world of motoring enthusiasts. Since its Datsun 240 days, Nissan has stuck to the same nomenclature where they use a three-digit number like 240 or 370 to denote the engine displacement followed by the letter Z. Take this car’s predecessor, the 370Z, where the 370 denotes the 3.7-liter displacement of the VQ V-6 followed by the letter Z. Since the new car comes with a 3.0-liter V-6, Nissan couldn’t have used 300 Z so instead they just decided to call it the "Z".

V-6 Power for the Win

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Gone is the beloved VQ V-6 from the Zs of the past and in comes an all-new, all-aluminum 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6 called the VR30DDTT. This new engine is shared with the Infiniti Q60 RedSport 400 and makes a near identical 400 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque, which is 68 horsepower and 80 pound-feet more than the 370Z it replaces. These beefy figures lend the new Z a 0-60 mph time of around four seconds and a top speed limited to 155 mph.

Three-Pedal Wonder

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When BMW, I mean, when Toyota decided to launch the new Supra, it did expect some backlash from hardcore fans of the Mk.IV, but what they didn’t anticipate was the kind of backlash they’d get for not equipping the Supra with a manual transmission. We are officially at a stage where manuals are gaining popularity, especially in performance cars and Nissan was not willing to make the same mistake Toyota did. This is why the Nissan Z features a close-ratio six-speed manual with the Excedy high-performance clutch and carbon fiber driveshafts that deliver smooth and crisp shifts and offer the convenience of auto rev-matching. But, if you do need the convenience of an automatic, Nissan will supply you with a Mercedes-sourced nine-speed automatic which is marginally quicker to 60 mph thanks to its closely stacked ratios.

Not a Numbers Game

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The 400 horsepower on tap is not the highest, and neither is its 0-60 mph time of 4.0 seconds which drops further if you opt for the manual. This is less than the Supra which is the Z’s biggest nemesis, and it’s slower than the Mustang Mach 1. And, all this is by design because the new Z is not about the quickest acceleration or fastest quarter mile, it’s about making you feel things that no other car in this segment can courtesy of its sublime chassis balance, that outdoes the aforementioned competitors in terms of feel and predictability. Everything from the steering to the transmission is designed to constantly talk to the driver and that’s a very important quality in a good sports car.

Unmistakably "Z"

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The new Nissan Z’s design is a history lesson milled out of sheet metal. It takes inspiration and distinctive design cues from all the famous Z-series sports cars from Nissan’s glorious history so at first glance, the new Z looks very familiar so keen-eyed JDM enthusiasts and Nissan fans should have no problem spotting a bit of Datsun 240Z in its silhouette and some 300ZX in its tail lights. The new Nissan Z then is a very familiar and understated sports car that comes as a breath of fresh air in an era dominated by massive wings and huge grills.

Limited Run - Z Proto Spec

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The all-new 2023 Nissan Z will arrive with three trim levels starting with the entry-level "Sport" priced at $41,015 followed by "Performance" priced at 51,015 and limited production trim called the "Proto Spec" which will carry a $54,015 price tag. Only 240 Proto Spec Zs will be coming to the States and for the extra $3,000 you’ll get a bespoke shifter, yellow interior stitching, bronze-colored 19-inch Rays wheels, and Faux suede door panels. Find out how the production model differed from the Z Proto!

The Ideal Daily Driver

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Not only is the new Nissan Z an extremely capable and fun-to-drive sports car, but it is also a capable city dweller thanks to its supple suspension that indeed gets comfortable in comfort mode, a spacious cabin that can seat two in utmost comfort, the clutch pedal is light and easy enough to survive crawling bumper-to-bumper traffic and most importantly the twin-turbo V-6 manages to 18 mpg city and 24 mpg highway which increase to 19 mpg city and 28 mph highway with the automatic Nissan Z. All of these points make the new 2023 Nissan Z the perfect one car solution to all your adrenalin fuelled problems.

Chassis Balance

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The 2023 Nissan Z is based on the FM platform (Front Midship) and it gets its name based on the location of the engine. The new Z shares this platform with its predecessors, the 370Z, 350Z, and other high-end products like the Infinity Q60. The new Z does not feel as sharp as competitors like the Supra or the M2 but it is very direct and honest. It rolls and moves with the tarmac but at the same time has the potential to turn into a GT on that long-distance journey and bumpy back roads where the ride comes into its own.

Attainable Pricing

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With a starting price of $41,015, the 2023 Nissan Z has moved more upmarket than its predecessor, the 370Z. The Z then is a sub $50,000 RWD coupe with a twin-turbo V-6and a manual gearbox which puts it up against Toyota’s recently introduced GR Supra which finally gets a six-speed manual. The Supra still isn’t out of trouble because the 2022 GR Supra manual is priced at $59,440, and granted the Supra greatly benefits from BMW build quality, it still doesn’t justify the near $20K price gap if you don’t want to settle for the 2.0-liter automatic version which is priced very close to the entry-level Z.

Arriving for Spring 2023

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The outgoing Nissan 370Z has been with us for nearly 13 years and over these years, the competition has not just caught up, it has far surpassed the 370Z in every metric. But fear not, the new Z is here and it’s all set to trade blows with the new Supra. According to Nissan, production of the 2023 Z started was supposed to commence by March 2022 but due to the ongoing chip shortage, the spring release date will be moved and then we can expect that the new Z will arrive in dealerships before the end of the year.

2023 Nissan Z Specifications:

| Engine | 3.0-liter twin-turbo V-6|
| Horsepower | 400 horsepower |
| Torque | 350 pound-feet |
| Drive | RWD |
| Transmission | Six-speed manual/ Nine-speed auto|
| 0-60 mph| 4.5 seconds |
| Top Speed | 155 mph |
| Base Price | $41,015 |


How much will the Nissan Z 2023 cost?

The 2023 Nissan Z is expected to carry a starting price of around $40,000.

When can I buy the 2023 Nissan Z?

Due to the chip shortage, the Nissan Z is facing production delays but we expect to see the car arriving at dealerships before the end of the year.

What is the 2023 Nissan Z called?

Nissan has dropped the Alfa numeric name for its all-new 370Z successor and just decided to call it the Nissan Z instead.

How much will a 2022 Nissan Z cost?

The all-new Nissan Z which is expected to go on sale by late 2022 is expected to carry a starting price of $41,015.

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