• 13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series

It’s One Of The Best Rounded Cars Ever

With more than 15 million units sold since its introduction in 1975, the BMW 3 Series has become a drivers’ favorite. It is a benchmark among sedans and, in its seventh generation, the 3 Series does not disappoint. Not only did BMW fill it with tech that was unimaginable only a decade ago, but the company also improved all the important pieces - it’s lighter, it’s stiffer, it’s faster, it’s nimbler. Yet, with all of that, the 2019 3 Series is bigger than ever. Like BMW E39 big, as we have discussed in this article.

As with every new benchmark German car, the 3 Series also comes with a multitude of astonishing tech and advanced features. I compiled a list of advancements and equipment that make the new BMW 3 Series far more impressive than ever before. When you learn about this, you will more likely forgive its Peugeot-looking front lights and the massive increase in size. This is an impressive car.

CLAR Architecture

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Using aluminum, carbon fiber, high-strength steel, and even magnesium, the BMW CLAR architecture (short for Cluster Architecture) is the latest in the technology world.

Debuted on the 7 Series in 2015, it paved the way for the introduction of new generation BMWs that can support plug-in hybrid systems, electric motors, advanced three-cylinder, four-cylinder, six-cylinder, and eight-cylinder engines.

The G20 BMW 3 Series is the latest car to use the tech. FYI, the next one presented to use the CLAR will be the Toyota Supra.

Back to BMW.

A novel architecture is an important piece of tech and it considerably improves the 2019 3 Series outgoing model. Not only is it lighter, but it is also significantly stiffer. It has been estimated that torsional rigidity has been enhanced by 25 percent (and even by 50 percent at some points).

That is a lot.

More importantly, CLAR is a modular architecture and it allows the 2019 3 Series to use all the imaginable tech it can find in the rich BMW group tech bin.

It Is Big

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Yes, I already talked about how big the 2019 3 Series truly is. I am still amazed that BMW managed to grow its most important model as much as it did, but it seems that this was only necessary with the bigger C-Class and the Audi A4. In numbers, the new G20 3 Series measures like this:

2019 BMW 3 Series When compared to the BMW 3 Series F30
Length 4,709 mm (185.4 inches) + 85 mm (3.34 inches)
Width 1,827 mm (71.93 inches) + 16 mm (0.62 inches)
Wheelbase 2,851 mm (112.2 inches) + 41 mm (1.61 inches)

It is a big car. No question there. Now, an increase in size like this wasn’t accomplished only to make the 3 Series compete against the likes of the Audi A4 and the Merc C-Class, but to actually free up space for the introduction of the 2 Series Gran Coupe. It is coming and it will be sized much like the 3 Series of olden days. It is basically a similar prospect to what Audi has done with the A4 - increased its size and then introduced the A3 Sedan. That one is sized exactly like the 1990s Audi A4. The 2 Series Gran Coupe will be sized as the 1990s 3 Series (the famed E36).

121 Pounds (55 Kilograms) Lighter

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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That CLAR architecture I talked about is the main reason behind the most impressive of the facts on the new 3 Series. Despite gaining a lot of inches in length and elsewhere, the new G20 is actually lighter compared with the car it replaces. Heck, as folks on the Internet are comparing it with the E39, let me tell you that it’s lighter than it, too.

121 pounds have been saved from the body.

By making use of the new generation of high-strength steel, the BMW 3 Series’s body lost 44 pounds (20 kilograms).

Aluminum bonnet saved another 33 pounds (15 kilograms), with the front subframe and struts actually cutting yet another 16,5 pounds (7,5 kilograms).

With the already mentioned increase in body rigidity, I am made to believe that this 3 Series may be nimbler, more precise and, probably, more fun compared with any of the previous generations. Just think about it - it’s lighter, it has a lower center of gravity, more grip, better driving assistance systems, and the best aerodynamics. This leads us to my next point.

Drag Coefficient Fell From Impressive 0.26 Cd to Incredible 0.23 Cd

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Fight with air resistance has never been so apparent in the world of cars as today. In an effort to reduce eco-footprint and lower fuel consumption car manufacturers created a number of technological and design leaps. For goodness sake, Audi even created an SUV with cameras instead of outside mirrors to lower the drag resistance by 0.02 Cd.

Now, the 3 Series G20 follows the trends in the industry. BMW’s first effort to lower the drag coefficient was to create a car with a fully sealed underbody.

Basically, the underneath is as flat as on a Le Mans race car. Well, not exactly, but you get the picture. With a nice diffuser at the back and smartly designed exterior, the 3 Series creates as little turbulence as possible when moving. Then, bumper vents (standard on all 3 Series) create a sort of air curtains around the car. This airstream creates a sort of a bubble effect and allows for air to glide effortlessly. With active shutters in the grille and other neat small design touches (like small spoilers on the taillights and the ducktail spoiler), the drag coefficient has been reduced to 0,23 Cd. Now, the 3 Series can compete with the likes of Mercedes-Benz cars, which, lately, have been the leaders in the aerodynamic segment.

M-Performance Parts already available

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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The M-Performance is an important piece of the puzzle for almost any BMW model. It is like a cosplay where standard BMW cars dress up to act as a real Ms.

The new 3 Series is already ready for its cosplay part as M-Performance rolled out ten different upgrades to create a more menacing 3 Series G20.

Exterior upgrades aren’t unlike something you’d expect from an aftermarket tuner, though.
You can M-Performance your new G20 3 Series with stuff like:

  • A new front splitter, or its, I guess, more menacing brother called the Pro
  • A neat rear diffuser
  • A rear spoiler
  • New mirror caps
  • Bigger wheels (18-inch and 20-inch option)
  • Red brake calipers
  • An 18-inch braking setup

Obviously, nothing major here, but an M-Performance equipped 3 Series will be recognizable from afar. The pieces outside are colored in gloss black or finished in carbon and the car will brake better too, obviously.

I am quite amazed that BMW revealed the M-Performance tricked out model this early. I am glad it did though because this white beast looks the business. I would have it in the 330i xDrive guise.

Rear Biased xDrive AWD system with faster torque distribution

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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If the DSC figures out it does not need any power on the front wheels, the new xDrive AWD system will send all of the available power to the back. I am not quite sure when will this actually occur, but if you select the Sport mode, this will happen more often than in the Comfort mode. The xDrive is rear biased. Heavenly so, as its capable of faster torque distribution than ever before.

In essence, this means that the RWD can stay on for longer periods of time and if you slightly go overboard with power in the bends, it will send some torque up front in an instant.

BMW explains its uprated xDrive system as follows:

“electronically controlled multi-plate clutch in the transfer case which links up with the Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) system and constantly adjusts power transmission.” Apparently, tech like this dramatically reduced the tendency for oversteer or understeer in the new 3 Series G20. I can’t even imagine how planted the 3 Series feels with the xDrive system and limited slip diff.

Better Practicality Than In Any Other 3 Series

SHMEE Gives Us the Full Walkaround for the 2019 BMW 330i M Sport
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Let me be frank about the world of cars of today. The 3 Series isn’t only an executive, sporty saloon, but it has to be a family car as well. So, practicality is important. Like really, really important and BMW designers and engineers smartly used every inch of space to create a car more comfortable than ever.

The rear passenger got 0.43 inches (11 millimeters) more legroom. Headroom was also improved, as well as shoulder room.

More importantly than that, the 3 Series back seats provide enough space for three child seats, although featuring only two Isofix points. Well, if you really have a need for three child seats, rejoice as the rear doors are bigger than ever, so it is much easier to get the seats and your kids in and out of the car.

Furthermore, 36 liters of storage space has been arranged throughout the cabin. There is enough space for massive smartphones, tablets in the doors, and enough USB ports.

The Digital key will provide a seamless experience with entering and starting the car, while the electric boot opening, retractable tow bar, and smart BMW assistant will considerably ease the use of the car. It is a “convinientmobile”.

BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Say “Hey BMW” and the 3 Series will respond, just like many of the modern Mercedes cars when you say “Hey Mercedes”.

The question is what can you really do with it.

Let me paint a picture.

You are driving your BMW 3 Series G20 every day from your house to your work and vice versa. If you do it enough times, the system in the car will recognize where is your house and where is your home, so next time you are in the G20 do this:

“Hey BMW, take me home.”
Sat nav will automatically set your home as the destination point. Because it knows where you live.
Try this:
“Hey BMW, I am cold.”
The heater will turn on.
Try this:
“Hey BMW, I am hungry.”
It will show you all the places to eat in the vicinity.
Now, just imagine when cars become fully autonomous. It will be like this:
“Hey BMW, take me home.”

It will do it, by itself. You could sleep, read a book, or do something naughty.
BMW Intelligent Personal assistant is much more than that, too. This is how the BMW official press release describes it:

“BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant learns routines and habits and is subsequently able to apply them in the appropriate context. The system helps the driver, learns their preferences and is familiar with their favored settings – e.g. for the seat heating or the places they drive to frequently using the navigation system”.
Is this cool, or eerie? Is this progress or a plain surrender of privacy? Is this convenience or necessity? Whatever it is, the BMW 3 Series has got it.


13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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As far as safety goes, BMW loaded up the 3 Series like there’s no tomorrow. Volvo has that plan to create cars so safe that they will totally avoid accidents with fatalities. Yet, I am quite sure that this 3 Series is already close to that. Standard safety equipment includes:

  • speed limit information,
  • lane departure warning,
  • collision warning,
  • pedestrian warning,
  • city braking function (it works thanks to the stuff I mentioned above),
  • cruise control with braking function.

Then, you get into optional packages that give you the awesomeness of all kinds. The Driving Assistant Professional package includes:

  • Active Cruise Control with Stop and Go,
  • steering and lane control assistant,
  • lane-keeping assistant,
  • systems that will alert you if you are going the wrong way. It’s Like having your own Alfred Pennyworth

Move to the optional Driving Assistant Professional and it gets really interesting:
Active Cruise Control will basically drive the car in heavy traffic for you,
A system that will steer the car on the highways,
A system that will check for blind spots and all that.
Quite impressive, wouldn’t you say?

The other equipment which ups safety but is also really cool comes in the form of the massive head up display, Park Assistant Plus, and a 360-degree camera.
Yet, for me personally, the best detail is actually the ambient lighting in the doors which start to pulse every time you open the door. This is an effort to warn the drivers of other cars that the doors are actually open. Talking about attention to details. This is it.

Luxurious interior

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Apart from using ambient lights in the doors for safety, they also create a unique ambiance in the cabin. LED interior lighting offers 11 different colors.

Couple this with fine leather, better materials on the dash and an all-new design of the cabin elements and you have yourself a luxury cruiser.

BMW successfully evolved the cabin but kept in touch with the edgy, sporty allure of before now combined with the clear futuristic touches such as massive screens.

The technology pack will get you a Harman Kardon stereo, a Head-Up Display, wireless charging and gesture control.

Spec up to Premium and enjoy stuff such as electric memory seats, lumbar support, and an electric sunroof.

Comfort pack will add to this a heated steering wheel, keyless entry, handsfree boot opening function and more.

BMW Live Cockpit Plus system and BMW Live Cockpit Professional system

2019 BMW 3 Series
- image 798199

BMW crafted two distinct infotainment systems for the new 3 Series. The entry-level car SE and the Sport get a BMW Live Cockpit Plus which includes a number of features such as:

  • Touch controller,
  • Sat nav,
  • Two USB ports,
  • WiFi connection,
  • 8.8-inch touchscreen and a 5.7-inch display in the instrument cluster,
  • Real-time traffic updates,
  • Concierge service.

If you move up to the BMW Live Cockpit Professional system, first and foremost, you get bigger screens - 12.3-inch screen instead of an analog instrument cluster, and 10.25-inch central infotainment screen. The systems inside can include the Connected Package Professional which adds a lot of advanced features such as parking availability, traffic status and that. The graphics on this one can even be adapted to mimic the color of the car. Again. Details like these make premium cars so appealing.

No Manual handbrake

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Well, what can I say about this one? BMW ditched the manual handbrake from the 3 Series. Instead, you get a button and a lot of room for personal belongings instead of the manual handbrake, I guess.

Signs of Premium

13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
- image 798265

As with every premium car, the G20 3 Series got a number of unique touches, and these testify that the designers and engineers went out of their way to create a car as perfect as possible. I found four distinct features that show the premium character of the “Three” best.

The Bonnet

The F30 is a handsome car, however, it lacked many of the classic premium features. The most annoying one for me was the simple bonnet design parted at the front just before the grille. See, the grill was a separate piece linked to the front bumper. A piece of that segment was actually protruding at the bonnet spare. This eased up the production, saved some costs, and eased up potential fixes. The new car has a nice bonnet shaped to fit the grille. This one isn’t simply parted at the front and, most definitely feels more premium than that on the last car.

Hofmeister Kink

Apart from reinventing the grille (now, it’s a one piece kidney grille), the BMW 3 Series G20 received a novel Hofmeister kink design cue. It is a trademark of all BMWs, but the new Hofmeister kink is actually part of the C pillar and not the doors itself. At the very edge, the door has only a glass surface creating a sort of a pillarless feel. It is just another detail pointed at upscaling the 3 Series. I like it very much.

Light carpet

I know a lot of cars have that door LEDs in the rearview mirrors which light up when you open the door so you can easily see where you step. The LEDs on the BMW create a sort of a light carpet with a really nice effect.

Self-leveling center wheel caps

Not exactly Rolls-Royce stuff, but Rolls Royce stuff. BMW introduced a self-leveling center wheel caps which automatically move to the perfect position every time you stop the car. It is a cool feature and it shows just how much thought and effort went into making the latest 3 Series as good as it can be. As you already know, Rolls Royce center caps do remain in the same position even if the wheel is spinning. Obviously, this was the inspiration for these center caps as well. BMW logo is always up.


13 Astonishing Facts About The New 2019 BMW 3 Series
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Look, the BMW 3 Series has to conform to family values, add some chili into the mix for the enthusiasts, ease up on the emissions for the governing bodies and further the technological leaps for BMW. Yup, I am fairly certain that it did all of this with the latest generation. True, its size may be a deterrent for some, but anyone who will be lucky to sit behind its wheel will probably forgive its size. Forgive it because of the nimbleness the new 3 Series will, definitely, ascertain. Personally, I like the way it looks, I like the interior and I am not even bummed it is as big as the famed E39. Let it be. Get yourself a 2 Series Gran Coupe if you can’t handle the size.

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