• 16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport

2020 Honda Passport Is Absolutely Perfectly Suited For Young Families

Reinventing the light off-road formula previously imagined with the use of the rebadged Isuzu Rodeo, Honda introduced the 2020 Passport. It is a unibody SUV based on top of the same architecture that underpins the Honda Pilot and the Honda Ridgeline. Yet, this isn’t a pickup or a seven-seat SUV. In fact, it is slightly more adventurous and a bit more luxurious compared to the CR-V, but a tiny bit smaller than the Pilot. And I like it. A lot. Despite the fact that it’s no longer a body-on-frame SUV

In shaping the new, classy Honda Passport, the Japanese wanted to position it precisely with the rest of the five-seat SUVs that tend to habituate in the higher echelon of the SUV segment. This is almost an SUV that competes with the likes of the new Ford Edge, the new Grand Cherokee, or the Hyundai Santa Fe. None of these are cheap, and Honda most certainly looks to play in the same ballpark.

In an effort to produce an SUV comparable with the ones I mentioned, Honda gave serious thought to it. Yes, it is just a rescaled Pilot, but I compiled a list of facts that prove that the new 2020 Honda Passport is a unique and quite appealing five-seat SUV.

The 2020 Honda Passport is Bascially a Baby Pilot

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
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So what? Yes, it is a baby Pilot. Honda basically cut some of the back end off the Pilot, took out two seats from the third row, and translated its interior layout and tech. And, I am happy because of it.

Sharing the same architecture and the tech as the Pilot, the Passport became one of the best-sorted cars in the business.

Now focused on young families, the Passport invites a far more adventurous lot to showrooms compared to the Pilot. And it shows with comprehensive makeup and awesome standard equipment. After all, one of the officials did say that there is not an “entry-level” Passport. All of them are rather nicely equipped.

The 2020 Honda Passport Coms Standard with 20-inch Wheels

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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In accordance with the last sentence of the “Baby Pilot” fact, I am telling you that all trim levels of the 2020 Honda Passport will sport massive 20-inch wheels. Yes, this is massive. So massive in fact that I actually question its off-road credentials. Nevertheless, I’ll come to it a bit later. With the 245/50R all-weather tires, the Passport most certainly feels like a grown up. Each trim level will feature its own unique wheel design.

Furthermore, moving to the top of the line models - the Touring and the Elite - the Passport will get even nicer tires - the all-weather 265/45R20 as standard.

Show me another SUV in this market bracket with the same wheel/tire combo as standard. Plus, the wheels I’m talking about are all black. Because that’s how we like to roll today. I don’t.

The 2020 Honda Passport Comes Standard with a 3.5-liter V-6

2016 - 2019 Honda Pilot Drivetrain
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Well, transferring all of the tech from the Pilot into the Passport meant that the new, smaller Passport got a fantastic 3.5-liter, V-6 engine with 280 horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque. You should be really happy about this as Honda isn’t messing around with this.

The Passport isn’t available with any smaller, or less powerful engine. No inline-fours or any turbocharged stuff.

Just a plain simple V-6 with a lot of power. The 3.5-liter i-VTEC gasoline engine already proved to be exceptionally reliable and quite raspy in Honda cars. More importantly, it shows that the Passport isn’t really for the timid. It is more for the active, brazen folks who like a bit of grunt in their life.

For who?

For young families, or young couples that plan on having a child or two. It is actually a perfectly suited car for them. I’ll tell you why:

  • It has more cargo space compared with the Pilot
  • It has a powerful engine
  • It is not a massive SUV that tells the whole world you are here only for propagation
  • It’s cooler than the Pilot
  • It has amazing optional packages for outdoor life (which you will be having because you do not have a million kids)
  • It is crazy reliable as the Honda
  • It does not cost a fortune

Obviously, I find this car simply perfectly suited for young families. Just perfect.

The 2020 Honda Passport Sits Higher Than the Pilot

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
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In its effort to make the new Passport more off-road worthy compared to the Pilot and the CR-V, Honda visited some standard segments to improve the Passport’s off-road proves. This one has a higher clearance compared to the Pilot.

The FWD versions of the 2020 Passport have 0.5 inches more ground clearance compared to the Pilot.

On the other hand, AWD-equipped SUVs are 1.1-inches higher. That is a lot. Obviously, an arrangement like this affects the approach and departure angles. Luckily, Honda did even more to improve the all the “off-road angles” that matter.

The 2020 Honda Passport has Approach, Departure and Breakover Angles

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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The 2020 Honda Passport is shorter compared to the Pilot. It has slightly different bumpers and, as I have written, more clearance. All of this rather profoundly affected the approach, departure, and breakover angles. Actually, I researched my *ss off to find the approach and departure angles for you. The 2020 Honda Passport’s approach and departure angles on AWD models are:

  • 21.4 degrees approach angle
  • 27.6 degrees departure angle

I know you are more than curious about the approach/departure angles on the 2019 Pilot. This is it. The 2019 Honda Pilot’s approach and departure angles are:

  • 19.7 degrees approach angle
  • 20.8 degrees departure angle

Honda did a lot to make the Passport better at off-roading than the Pilot. That is why I can actually forgive them those massive 20-inch wheels.

The 2020 Honda Passport Comes With Standard Blacked Out Trim

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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With all the Black Edition, Night Edition, and Midnight Edition cars, trucks, and SUVs appearing in recent years, even Honda couldn’t stay closed eyed at the fact that people want this stuff. However, Honda did not beat around the bush.

That is why the 2020 Honda Passport comes standard with a whole bunch of cool darkened stuff.

Right off the bat, it comes with blackened headlights (with LEDs, mind you), with black wheels, and with a black front grille. Darken the rear windows, choose black, or dark grey exterior hue and you have yourself an awesome night/black/midnight edition car.

Why Didn’t the 2020 Honda Passport Come With the New 10-Speed Automatic?

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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I think that a lot of us gearheads know about the new, cool, 10-speed Honda transmission that landed in the Odyssey. It is quite a smart setup, however, it’s not the one to appear in the New 2020 Honda Passport. Apparently, the packaging isn’t small enough for installation in the new Passport. Don’t be disappointed about not getting the newest,... gear.

The new Honda Passport has a nice, ZF-built, nine-speed automatic.

A lot of gears to play with, don’t you think? Coupled with Intelligent Traction Management, that fine V-6, and Intelligent Variable Torque Management AWD, the new Passport can handle everything you throw at it.

The 2020 Honda Passport’s i-VTM4 AWD is Optional and Necessary

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
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First things first. i-VTM4 means "Intelligent Variable Torque Management," and it is not standard for the Passport. In fact, FWD is standard. The AWD with i-VTM4 isn’t. However, you should opt for it.


Well, it is capable of pushing up to 70 percent of the power to the rear axle and it will send up to 100 percent of power to either side basically making you invincible on any light off-road route.

Coupled with all that cool skid plates, better approach and departure angles and Intelligent Traction Management system with available Snow, Sand and Mud modes, the 2020 Passport will not disappoint.

The 2020 Honda Passport Can Tow Up To 5,000 Pounds

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
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AWD, super powerful architecture from the Pilot, and a V-6. This equals a rather nice towing capacity. The 2020 Honda Passport, when equipped with AWD, can tow up to 5,000 pounds. On the other hand, the FWD SUV will not do as much. It will do 3,500 pounds. Enough, I guess.

The 2020 Honda Passport Has a Long List of Convienence Options

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
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We already learned that even the least expensive 2020 Passport is rather well equipped. Especially on the outside. Obviously, Honda wants to make it appealing for everyone. However, you can still choose among a number of cool options for the Passport. I will list you some here:

  • a power tailgate
  • tilt/slide moonroof
  • heated auto-dimming and power-folding side mirrors
  • blind spot warnings
  • rear cross traffic monitoring
  • front/rear parking sensors
  • Navigation device
  • LTE with WiFi hotspot
  • A wireless phone charger

This on top of any of the offered trim levels. Which are four - Sport, EX-L, Touring, and Elite (this one comes as standard)

The 2020 Honda Passport Has Decent Cargo Capacity

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
- image 808252
This is probably the Honda Passport's strongest point - its awesome cargo and luggage capacity. In its purest form, the boot offers 41.2 cubic-feet of space.

Press the button in the cargo area and the rear seats will fold down to open up a total of 77.9 cubic-feet of space. Added to this is a segment-leading underfloor storage bin with 2.5 cubic feet of space. This is a highly practical car.

The 2020 Honda Passport is Flexible With Two Optional Packages

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Exterior
- image 806739

As expected, Honda crafted additional optional packages for the new Honda Passport. Whether you are planning on taking it off the road, or just hanging out in an urban environment, Honda’s got you covered.

The Adventure Package includes:

  • running boards
  • a trailer hitch
  • a fender flares

The Urban Package, on the other hand, adds:

  • front and rear underbody spoilers,
  • unique 20-inch wheels,
  • cargo storage bins
  • roof rails and crossbars

The 2020 Honda Passport is Essentially a Pilot on the Inside

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport Interior
- image 806747

Because, of course, it is. With the best-in-class interior passenger volume, Honda obviously had a lot of space to work in some magic. Yet, it really did not. The Honda Passport basically received an all-Pilot interior. Not that I am disappointed. I am not because the Pilot interior is a rather nice place to be. So is the Passport interior. Only I’d like that the company differentiated them a bit more. At least with some superficial stuff like colors, schemes, and that.

The 2020 Honda Passport Has a Push-Gear Selector

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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I like this push-gear selector on the center console. At least from the visual standpoint.

However, those that actually drove the latest Pilot said that it is rather confusing to operate.

Plus, it does not actually free up space at the center. Something that it was, partially, designed to do. Honestly, I don’t care if it frees it or not, I like it and I’d rather have it than the gear lever.

Why name it the Passport?

16 Little Known Facts About The 2020 Honda Passport
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According to motor trend, Honda made some serious research before naming this new SUV. The research team actually had 100 names for the new SUV, but they’ve settled with the Passport as the market already knows about it. No new branding needed then. Apart from the Passport, some even suggested that the new car should wear a Pilot-inspired the name. Personally, I am down for them naming it the Passport regardless of the fact that that one was a rebadged body-on-frame Isuzu truck, and this one a Unibody SUV.

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