Maybe not the Worst. Underwhelming for sure.

The 2018 Paris Motor Show presented all its gems. Now, apart from hundreds of awesome presentations, great novelties, news, and cars, I am pressed to find the five worst of the show. So, I sunk into the depths of the Internet and my mind and found cars I could maybe describe as underwhelming. Worst? Well, maybe.

Interestingly enough, my list was populated by some of the most amazing manufacturers on earth. The reasoning behind the list is a simple one. I listed here all the cars I don’t actually find worthy of a car show such as the Paris Motor Show due to the lack of real novelties or proper updates.

Lexus RC facelift

2018 Paris Motor Show - Worst In Show Exterior
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I really like Lexus and many of its cars, but at the Paris Motor Show, Lexus was somewhat underwhelming. The two cars it revealed lacked proper updates, I did not see or find any novel thinking behind them, and I just don’t have a clue why did the company bother introducing them.

The Lexus RC is a fine coupe. A bit chubby and sometimes a bit too hard on the eyes, but altogether, a nice addition to the stardom of executive coupes. In my mind, the facelift should have dealt with some of that hardship on the eyes and possibly get the RC on a bit of a diet.

While Lexus did tweak a few important styling features and gave it a bit more LCish look, I somehow expected more.

After all, the RC appeared in 2013 and wasn’t really modified since. Nevertheless, Lexus did improve the 2.0-liter turbocharged engine, gave the suspension a few important tweaks, and refreshed the interior. Still, while I do think this is a sexy coupe overall, I believe Lexus should have done more to modify it.

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Lexus LC Limited Edition

2019 Lexus LC Yellow Edition
- image 789443

Ok, I get that Lexus can paint its cool LC in any color or paint scheme it desires. But why, for crying out loud, would it create a special edition of the car based only around a few painted pieces?

See, the LC Limited Edition that was revealed at the Paris Motor Show features really cool yellow exterior and is loaded with equipment.

The insides of the car, too, take the same black and yellow paint scheme and apply it creating a nice ambiance. Yet, nothing else is changed compared with the stock car, and this one is a Limited Edition. I simply cannot see why. Regardless of this, Lexus offers it in LC500h and LC500 guise. In English, that’s a V-6 based hybrid and a V-8 powered LC consequently.

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Citroen C3 JCC+ Limited

2018 Paris Motor Show - Worst In Show
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The most important exhibit for Citroen at the Paris Motor Show was the C5 Aircross PHEV concept. It basically represents the real thing, with the 180 horsepower ICE and 80 kW electric engine for a combined output of 225 horsepower and EV range of 31 miles. Now, the other car the company revealed - I have some problems with it. It is the Citroen C3 JCC+ Limited.

This special edition car is created by French designer Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, and it only differs from something you'd be able to spec yourself by exterior and interior makeup.

So, again, the same story as with the LC Limited edition. Honestly, I am stumped with editions like this. Do they really sell that well, or are manufacturers just trying to keep things fresh for the least money possible - by throwing some cool color scheme on a car.

Smart Edition Pureblack

2018 Paris Motor Show - Worst In Show
- image 799783

The Smart Forease is the most notable Smart novelty at the show. The car celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Smart brand. It does so with the minimalistic design, electric propulsion, and quite open and alluring cabin concept. It’s a cool, imaginative piece. However, on the other hand, we have something called the Smart Edition Pureblack.

This is basically a Smart ForTwo with a matte black finish, red details, and 16-inch black alloys.

Again? Yes, again! The thing with special editions made only by painting a car is a thing now obviously. I am a bit disappointed by it, but the thing is that people are actually choosing these editions over stock cars. Just remember all the midnight and black editions manufacturers in the U.S. have offered in the past couple of years. This is basically the same thing. While I think it is boring, obviously, some people are ready to spend some money on it. In this case, they won’t only get a tricked out exterior, but an interior with a Cool & Media package with a large display, heated seats, automatic climate control, and panoramic roof. Plus, black leather mind you. Obviously, the right car for the money.

Toyota Yaris GR Sport

2018 Paris Motor Show - Worst In Show
- image 798521

Now, the Toyota Yaris GR Sport is not the real GRMN. However, it does feature similar exterior touches, some nice suspension tweaks and interior parts sourced directly from the Limited Edition Yaris GRMN.

While the car itself is a bit of a risk for Toyota, I personally find it totally unnecessary.

Especially, as it ditched the magnificent 207 horsepower gas engine for the 1.5-liter based hybrid with a total power output of 99 horsepower. If you forgive it having such a tiny engine, you can enjoy all the goodies such as the Sachs Performance dampers, solid anti-roll bar, wheels and tires from the Yaris GRMN and more.

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Porsche 911 Speedster Concept II

2018 Paris Motor Show - Worst In Show
- image 797967

The Porsche 911 Speedster Concept II is actually great. Exceptional! However, the fact that Porsche only changed its color compared with the vehicle it revealed the past June shows two things - that this is a finished product and that the car shows, as we know them, aren’t as important anymore.

Nevertheless, the “new one” only received a Guards Red paint and black leather interior.

Everything else is the same. We still lack any confirmed details from the streets, but I assume that the Speedster Red will feature everything that’s right - an N/A, 500 horsepower engine, GT3 suspension, and a six-speed manual.

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Aspark Owl

Frankfurt's Mystery Electric Supercar Is A Japanese Bird Of Prey High Resolution Exterior
- image 731224

Aspark is a new startup that promises to build 50 Owl cars that can go from 0-62 mph in 1.99 seconds. The Japanese-based company promised to start production mid-2020, but it only introduced the motorless model at the Paris Motor Show. After showing it, Aspark actually announced that it will take orders for the car.

You can place the order with a freaking $1.15 mil deposit. I mean, really!?

It took me a while to figure out if I should include this car on the list. I almost didn’t actually, but then I’ve learned that the model in Paris did not really have a propulsion system. On the other hand, the other prototype actually managed to reach 62 mph in 1,87 seconds. Not on road tires, though.

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