The Swiss stars that got outshined

As always, the Geneva Motor Show brought out some truly awesome debuts this year, the best of which we have right here in our Best In Show list. However, for all the good stuff that dropped in Switzerland, there was plenty of, well, not-quite-as-good stuff too. As such, we put together our picks for Worst In Show from the 2019 Geneva Motor Show right here.

2019 Nissan IMQ Concept

The 2019 Nissan IMQ Concept Previews Questionable Crossover Design for the Future, But Nice Tech
- image 827653

Kicking off our list is this cringey concept from Nissan. I’ll start by saying that the IMQ Concept does actually have some real redeeming value - for example, we like the cabin layout, which we think looks clean and cool, plus the tech offerings are impressive as well, such as the advanced autonomous drive system, the Invisible-to-Visible augmented reality, and the Virtual Personal Assistant. The 335-horsepower, 516-pound-feet all-electric powertrain is pretty interesting as well.

However, all that is overshadowed by the way this thing looks outside.

Yikes. It’s like whoever was designing it decided to carve it with a hatchet. The deep angles and geometric cues are clearly meant to give it a futuristic appearance, but it just doesn’t work. We find the frontend, in particular, to be rather garish - it’s like a robot squirrel with overstuffed cheeks. The chopped roof doesn’t work either, as it overemphasizes the lower half of the car makes it look like half a car.

Granted, we’ve seen worst concepts, but when it comes to the Geneva Motor Show, you’ve really gotta bring your A game.

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2019 Smart Forease+ Concept

2019 Geneva International Motor Show - Worst In Show
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We’re typically pretty hard on Smart cars, and that extends to the brand’s concepts as well. Unsurprisingly, TopSpeed writer Mihai Fira singled out the Smart droptop for a spot on our Worst In Show list.

“What you’re looking at is almost the same concept car that popped up at the Paris Auto Show last year,” Fira explains. “It may not be immediately obvious, as Smart cleverly resprayed it and added a textile roof to promote it as an all-weather version. On top of that, it doesn’t even look all that flashy.

If you're not paying attention, you could pass it off as a tuned Smart with speed-bumps-don’t-matter-sized rims.

This dismal showing might be because Smart isn’t really selling all that many cars nowadays, but the Daimler-owned company still claims that it will be the first among the ICE-makers to have an EV-only lineup. Still, this concept doesn’t preview a particularly bright future for the company in my book.”

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2020 Mitsubishi ASX/Outlander Sport

The Redesigned 2020 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is Here to Cosplay As The Eclipse Cross
- image 821829

Despite axing enthusiast favorites like the Lancer Evolution, Mitsubishi is finally starting to swim back above the waterline in terms of sales. Leading the charge are compact crossovers like the Outlander Sport, which is a fine nameplate to show off at a smaller domestic event. However, on the worldwide stage that is the Geneva Motor Show, this thing can’t hold a candle to the competition, as TopSpeed writer Siddhant Dhimaan points out:

“This isn’t a bad SUV for any reason, but there’s nothing noteworthy either,” Dhimaan explains. “It receives a sharper fascia, revised taillights, and a new rear bumper.

There were other launches that could have found a place here, but the fact that Mitsubishi would bring a mere facelift to Geneva is baffling.

This is the show where four-digit horsepower cars were introduced, concepts that peep into the future were unveiled, and Mitsubishi thought it would be a good idea to bring along a facelift. Bringing the Outlander Sport to Geneva to show new taillights undermines the credibility of the other models it brought along as well. Also, Mitsubishi is not known to socialize at motor shows, so why not let the newer models (like the much more potent Engelberg Tourer) hog the limelight? Other than the name, the Engelberg Tourer has everything going in its favor, and it could have done better solo. The Outlander Sport will hit U.S. shores later this year and we couldn’t be any less excited about it.”

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Bugatti La Voiture Noire

2019 Geneva International Motor Show - Worst In Show
- image 827349

"As a big fan of vintage cars, especially aerodynamic coupes from the 1920s and 1930s, I’m very grateful that Bugatti designed the La Voiture Noire as a tribute to the iconic Atlantic. But it all stops here," argues TopSpeed writer Ciprian Florea. "Beyond this, the La Voiture Noire is so ridiculous that it sucks big time. For several reasons.

"Although it looks bold and it’s clearly inspired by the old Atlantic, the coupe’s design is questionable, to say the least. Sure,

Bugatti managed to get rid of the Chiron's potato-on-wheels look, but the front and rear fascia have way too much "batmobile" in them.

And Batmobile is good only when you’re Batman, and you’re trying to save Gotham City. I mean it works as a statement, but it’s far from classy, as a tribute to the Atlantic should. Also, if you look long enough at its profile, you’ll notice that it looks like a slightly squashed Corvette. Thank you, no!

"Another problem is that it’s a one-off car. It’s presence in Geneva is just a way for Bugatti to show off an insanely expensive car that it won’t replicate in the future. The La Voiture Noire has nothing to brag about beyond the outlandish yet questionable design. I’d rather prefer one-off Koenigsegg that showcases a new top speed record instead.

"Then there’s the sticker. Bugatti sold this car for $12 million and word has it the owner actually paid $18.9 million after taxes. That’s insane on so many levels, especially the one concerning the fact that we should be investing more in creating green cars and technologies to make up for the gas-guzzling disaster we created in recent decades."

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Alfa Romeo Giulietta

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Refuses to Die as Alfa Introduces Updates for the 2020 Model Year
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"You know you’re in for a long auto show when the people come to your booth, see your offering, and say, ’what’s this doing here?’ That, unfortunately, was the fate of Alfa Romeo when people saw the 2020 Giulietta," says TopSpeed writer Kirby Garlitos. "Here’s the truth: the Giulietta didn’t belong in Geneva.

It didn’t belong in a show that was ripping at the seams with maniacal horsepower and ungodly promises of performance capabilities.

It didn’t belong in a show with so many state-of-the-art concepts that gave us a road map for the future of the industry. Heck, it didn’t even belong in its own booth next to the very promising Tonale SUV Concept.

"Alfa Romeo may be able to get away with calling the Giulietta a “new” model, but it’s not fooling anybody. The Giulietta was cool once, but those days are gone. Now, it’s just a reminder of Alfa’s stubbornness. The Giulietta, in its current makeup, is more welcome in a car retirement home than it is in an auto show as big and as important as the Geneva Motor Show."

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Citroen Ami One Concept

2019 Citroen Ami Concept Exterior
- image 824238

"Get ready, car-loving public, because this is what automobiles are going to devolve into if we don’t get more people interested in cars," says TopSpeed writer Andrei Nedelea. "I give you the quirky but very un-car-like Citroen Ami One Concept. It is an idea for an EV transportation pod for somebody who doesn’t want the burden of car ownership, so it’s been designed with ride-sharing schemes in mind, and that’s okay.

However, it looks like it was styled out of spite, based on a blurry image of a 1950s toaster, by people who probably don’t like cars very much (unusual for something bearing the Dual Chevron badge), the brainchild of a group that clearly wants the car as we know it to die and all of us to take the bus or bike where we need to go.

And that’s okay too, but it should be our decision to do so, and we shouldn’t be forced to abandon the car just because we weren’t paying attention for a few decades and during that time automakers rebranded themselves as ’mobility companies...’"

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