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2020 Ford Escape Is One Of The Most Compeling Crossovers On The Market

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The new 2020 Ford Escape compact crossover enters a highly competitive segment of soft city-centric off-road vehicles such as the Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, and the Nissan Rogue. Although it needs to be on par with any one of them, the new Ford Escape also has big shoes to fill. According to an IHS Markit survey over, 96 percent of all Escapes sold in the last ten years are still on the road. In the everchanging landscape of the car market of today, the Ford Escape tries hard to offer a compelling crossover package. Now it is based on the same platform as the Ford Focus, and that seems to be a good thing. Right here, I’ve picked up a number of interesting facts and quirks about the new 2020 Ford Escape.

The 2020 Ford Escape Can Run On Only Two Cylinders

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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The base model of the 2020 Ford Escape has a 1.5-liter, three-cylinder, turbocharged gasoline engine under its hood. It is a small wonder of engineering capable of cylinder deactivation. In fact, this is the only three-cylinder engine with the cylinder deactivation tech in the industry.

In reality, this technology can lower fuel consumption by 6 percent just by cutting the fuel injection and stopping the combustion in one of the cylinders.

It is a seamless process that happens in 14 milliseconds by moving the oblong lobes (cams) away from the valves.

This process will, along with the fuel injection stop, cut the combustion in one of three cylinders, allowing the compact SUV to drive on only two cylinders and with basically only one liter of capacity. This tech is not an unknown in the industry, but it is the only on the three-cylinder engine. The new Fiesta with a one-liter, three-cylinder engine has it too. Pretty amazing stuff.

The 2020 Ford Escape Is Offered With One of Three Hybrid Versions (One Is the Kuga)

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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The Escape is back in the world of hybrids. Ford formed three different hybrid setups for the Escape (including its brother for Europe called Kuga). It is an expected and smart move considering that its biggest competitor - the new RAV4 offers a hybrid setup.

Unlike the RAV4 or any other compact crossover, the Escape comes as a hybrid, mild hybrid, or a Plug-In hybrid.

The mild-hybrid setup, however, sits under the metal of the 2020 Ford Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid. Powered by a 2.0-liter, turbodiesel engine with 150 horsepower and a Belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG), the Kuga EcoBlue Hybrid returns impressive 56 mpg. The tech does not only affect the fuel efficiency and the CO2 emissions, but it helps with the acceleration and runs electric systems on board. After all, Ford supplies it with power via a 48-volt lithium-ion battery.

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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With Kuga taken care of, let’s move to the 2020 Ford Escape Hybrid and the Escape Plug-In Hybrid. Obviously, these two will compete with the stunning Toyota RAV4 Hybrid.

Similar to the RAV4, the Ford Escape Hybrid and Plug-In Hybrid have a 2.5-liter, naturally aspirated engine under the hood.

The combined output of the electric motor and the ICE tops at 198 horsepower and 153 pound-feet of torque. The Escape Plug-In Hybrid, on the other hand, is a tad more powerful at 209 horsepower and the same 153 pound-feet of torque. This one sources its energy for 30 miles of EV range from a 14.4 kWh battery pack. More important than that is the fact that you can recharge this battery. A level 2 charger will "fill it up" in 3 and a half hours.

The Escape Hybrid isn’t anything new as Ford installed a hybrid system in the Escape back in 2005. As with today’s cylinder deactivation system for its three-cylinder, the Escape hybrid in 2005 was the worlds first hybrid crossover. This tech won Ford the North American Truck of the Year Award for 2005. Consequently, Ford sold more than 114,000 Escape hybrids from 2005 to 2012.

Today, the hybrid has four different modes:

  • Auto EV that automatically instruct the system whether to run on gasoline or electric power
  • EV Now is all electric drive
  • EV Later is a gasoline-powered mode
  • EV Charge directs the powertrain to charge the battery pack while the vehicle is being driven so that electric motor.

Another important fact - the front-wheel-drive Escape Hybrid has a top speed of 85 mph on electricity only. This same car should be able to cover 550 miles before refueling. Ford wants all of their Escapes to be able to drive at least 500 miles per fill-up.

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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2020 Ford Escape drivetrain specifications

1.5L EcoBoost 2.0L EcoBoost 2.5L FHEV 2.5L PHEV
S, SE, SEL SEL,Titanium SE Sport, Titanium SE, SEL, Titanium
Configuration Aluminum block and head, In-line 3 cylinder Aluminum block and head, In-line 4 cylinder Aluminum block and head, Atkinson-cycle I-4 Aluminum block and head, Atkinson-cycle I-4
Bore and stroke 3.31 x 3.54 in. 3.44 x 3.27 in. 3.50 x3.94 in. 3.50 x3.94 in.
Displacement 91.4 cu. in./1,497 cc 122 cu. in./1,999 cc 152 cu. in./2,488 cc 152 cu. in./2,488 cc
Compression ratio 10.0:1 9. 3:1 13.0:1 13.0:1
Horsepower (targeted) 180 hp 250 hp 198 hp 209 hp
Torque (targeted) 177 lb.-ft. 275 lb.-ft. N /A N /A
Transmission 8-speed automatic 8-speed auto with SelectShift® with paddle shifters PowerSplit: Electronic Continuous Variable Transmission PowerSplit: Electronic Continuous Variable Transmission

The 2020 Ford Escape Is 200 Pounds Lighter Than Before

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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One of the main reasons for achieving astonishing fuel efficiency is the fact that Ford managed to slash 200 pounds from the Escape. So, let’s say that some versions of it will tip the scales at 3,299 pounds. Now, to achieve such results, Ford retooled its facilities and engineered a car in such a way to use lighter-weight, high-strength steel. It is a "trick" many manufacturers employ today. Less weight does not only mean better fuel efficiency, but it also means better driving characteristics, quicker acceleration, and altogether, a nicer driving experience.

2020 Ford Escape Fuel Economy

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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I am sure that you want to know about the Ford Escape MPG values. EPA still hasn’t released them, but Ford did release anticipated fuel consumption levels for European models. Bear in mind; the Escape is called the Kuga in Europe.

This is the 2020 Ford Kuga’s estimated fuel efficiency:

Ford Kuga EcoBoost (1.5-liter EcoBoost with 150 horsepower) 41 mpg
Ford Kuga Hybrid (same as the Escape Hybrid) 50 mpg
Ford Kuga Plug-In Hybrid (same as the Escape Plug-In Hybrid) 196 mpg

Obviously, Ford calculated these results according to the WLTP testing procedure. EPA usually estimate the consumption 20 percent worse than what you get with the WLTP.

How Much Can the 2020 Ford Escape Tow?

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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The 2020 Ford Escape can tow up to 3,500 pounds when equipped with the larger turbocharged gasoline engine with 250 horsepower. Hybrid models, on the other side, can tow up to 1,500 pounds.

The 2020 Ford Escape Looks Softer To Make Room For The Rugged Baby Bronco

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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There’s one clear reason why the new 2020 Ford Escape looks softer and cuter than ever before. Not only is it longer, lower, and wider with a longer wheelbase (180.5 in, 66.1 in, 75 in, and 106.7 in), but it is also sleeker with softer curves and somewhat friendly looks. In his talk with Car and Driver, Ford’s Global Design Director Joel Piaskowski said that "this repositioning also leaves space for an upcoming crossover."

Piaskowski said that the new SUV, although based on the same platform as the Escape, will be considerably boxier, taller, and is intended to give off an off-road-ready vibe.

He was talking about the so-called baby Bronco.

The 2020 Ford Escape Is The First Ford Car in The U.S. With A Head-Up Display

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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The six-inch head-up screen projects all the relevant driving data onto the windshield. It is a first for Ford vehicles in the U.S., and it does improve the safety a bit. The driver does not have to look away from the road when checking the data. It is a neat trick and one you will get used to right away. The Head-up display is optional equipment of course.

The 2020 Ford Escapes Smart Cabin Arrangement Makes for a Lot of Extra Space

2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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The 2020 Ford Escape has 38.8 inches of legroom for the passengers in the back. Behind them, you have 33.5 cubic-feet of cargo space (or 65.4 cubic-feet if you fold the rear seats). More importantly than that is the fact that in non-hybrid models you can move the rear seats on 6 inch long rails to customize space as needed. It’s really neat.


2020 Ford Escape Quirks and Features
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As expected, Ford included a whole lot of safety equipment as standard. Its Co-Pilot360 safety suit in the 2020 Ford Escape includes:

  • automatic high-beam headlamps
  • blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert
  • lane-keeping assist
  • automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection.
  • Adaptive cruise control is optional.

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