Toyota brought four cool Supra-based concepts to SEMA 2019

Toyota’s usual lineup for the SEMA Show is centered mostly around SUVs and trucks, but the 2019 edition brings the fifth-generation Supra into the spotlight. The Japanese carmaker took the 2019 SEMA Show by storm with a handful of modified Supras, either built by aftermarket tuners or developed by Toyota itself to preview upcoming parts and accessories. Here’s the four most interesting coupes you’ll find on the show floor.

Toyota GR Supra Performance Line Concept

2020 Toyota Supra lineup for SEMA 2019 Exterior
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The Performance Line Concept was developed by Toyota's customizing and development center (TCD) and basically turns the Supra into a more aerodynamic and track-ready coupe.

You’ll immediately notice that this car is significantly more aggressive than the regular Supra thanks to a lip spoiler with larger winglets on the sides, new side skirts that lower the car’s ride height, new winglets at the corners of the rear bumper, and a spoiler on the decklid. All these elements are made from carbon-fiber so they improve aerodynamics without adding much weight. They also enhance the Supra’s design.

TCD also added a new set of 19-inch wheels made from forged aluminum. They feature a concave, mesh-spoke design and are shot in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires for extra grip. Inside the cabin, the Performance Line boasts a pair of Bride racing seats, while a custom exhaust system made by HKS gives the engine a more aggressive roar.

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TCD GR Supra 3000GT Concept

2020 Toyota Supra lineup for SEMA 2019 Exterior
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Just like the concept above, the 3000GT is also a race-inspired take on the Supra.

What's more, it's a tribute to the iconic TRD 3000GT kit that Toyota offered for the fourth-generation supra in 1994.

If you’re not familiar with this aero package, it was released in celebration of the Supra’s success in Japan’s Grand Touring Car Championship. And needless to say, it makes the new Supra look a bit like its predecessor.

Created by the folks over at TCD, it includes a bigger front splitter, a vented engine hood, and larger winglets for the side skirts. In the rear, we can see a revised diffuser with bigger wings, big winglets on the edges of the bumper, and notably wider rear fenders. But by far the most obvious upgrade is the massive wing that looks a lot like the one seen on the previous-generation Supra. In addition to the aero bits, the 3000GT sits closer to the ground thanks to adjustable coilovers made by Tein Street Advance Z and rides on 19-inch race-spec wheels from TWS Motorsport. Behind these, you can see Brembo GT-S calipers for enhanced stopping power.

TCD added new features inside the cabin as well, including a pair of FIA-approved Bride Xero CS racing seats and Pioneer speakers for the audio system.

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Toyota Genuine Accessory GR Supra

2020 Toyota Supra lineup for SEMA 2019 Exterior
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This concept shows us what Toyota’s Genuine Accessory Team can do to the Supra.

Obviously sportier than the standard model, it features an aero kit developed by Five Axis that includes a track-inspired rear wing and winglets for both the front and rear bumpers.

It also features a revised diffuser section that shows off some of the drivetrain, and a center-mounted, dual exhaust layout.

Like all Supras shown at the 2019 SEMA Show, it rides on custom wheels, this time around in the form of 20-inch rollers wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires. Stopping power comes from Brembo B-M calipers with slotted two-piece rotors measuring 16 inches in the front and 15 inches in the rear. It also rides lower than usual, courtesy of an adjustable coilover suspension from Ohlins and inverted monotube dampers. A custom strut tower brace helps stiffen the chassis and maintain suspension geometry for track action.

This vehicle is called the Supra Wasabi Concept and it’s finished in a bright shade of green reminds of the famous Japanese sushi condiment.

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Toyota GR Supra HyperBoost Edition

2020 Toyota Supra lineup for SEMA 2019 Exterior
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The Hyperboost is just as aggressive as the other Supra concepts from the 2019 SEMA Show, but it’s by far the most special variant when it comes to performance.

Created by NASCAR analyst Rutledge Wood and his team of designers, it features a bigger splitter in the front, beefed-up fenders at all four corners, and a tall wing on the rear deck.

Unlike previous concepts though, this one features a kit that was designed as a bolt-on that mounts on the car like an OEM body kit. This is a first for the Supra. In order to reduce the weight added by the body kit, Team Rutledge replaced the factory metal roof with a carbon-fiber panel.

But the big highlight here is a heavily modified engine that now features a Garrett turbocharger between the shock tower and the engine and a new exhaust manifold

. The result is an output of "over 750 horsepower, more than double the oomph of the range-topping GR Supra, rated at "only" 335 horses. Lead builder Rick Leos says that this massive increase was a big challenge as the engine control module goes into safe mode to protect itself when you try to modify the drivetrain.

This is big news for private modifiers and aftermarket builders as well, since it reveals that the BMW-sourced engine can be upgraded to generate in excess to 700 horsepower. We should hear less people complain that the fourth-gen Supra was more suitable for heavy drivetrain tuning.

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