2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos

This latest update brings much-needed performance, interior, and tech upgrades to Tesla’s full-size Crossover SUV

This is the 2022 Tesla Model X. Ever since the Model X first went on sale back in 2016, it has proved to be an immensely successful vehicle for Tesla. After nearly six years on the block and countless updates, the Californian EV maker finally decided to give its full-size SUV a substantial makeover. Tesla recently facelifted its EV Crossover and this time around, the Model X has also gotten the full Plaid treatment.

In fact, the X Plaid shares its powertrain with the S Plaid and both Plaids have been tearing up drag strips this past year. However, beyond all the hype, what changes has Tesla made to keep the Model X relevant against the growing crop of EVs in the Crossover space? Well, let’s find out.

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    • Missing stalks, and buttons for basic functions adds complications
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    • Styling might not be to everyone’s taste

2022 Tesla Model X Performance and Capability

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Exterior
- image 1044716
Tesla's are famous for their pin-to-the-seat acceleration and straight line-performance

Tesla has simplified the Model X line-up with just two trims

  • Tesla Model X
  • Tesla Model X Plaid

The latest Model X comes in two flavors. Even the base variant now comes with a dual-motor setup with a combined output of 670 horsepower. Opt for the Plaid and you get a tri-motor setup (one motor up front and two on the rear axle) that produces a whopping 1020 horsepower. With a sub-10 second quarter mile-time, the Model X Plaid is the quickest accelerating SUV on the planet. The Plaid also gets you torque vectoring for improved handling.

Despite the insane horsepower figures, this is a crossover SUV, and you’ll have to keep the 5000+ curb weight in mind before giving it the beans. Obviously, this is no canyon carver. Having said that the adaptive suspension should keep body roll in check and will give up 6.6 inches of ground clearance. With the excellent regenerative braking system in place, one-pedal driving comes easy.

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044704
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Drivetrain
- image 1044713

Coming to the range, the base Model X has an estimated EPA range of 348 miles while that number drops on the Model X Plaid to 333 miles. You’ll also have to take into account stuff like wheel size, number of seats, and ambient conditions while considering these estimates. Towing also affects range. A trailer hitch comes as standard and the Model X can tow up to 5000 pounds.

But charging your Model X should be no problem at all, given Tesla’s vast 25,000-strong Supercharger Network that allows you to add 175 miles in just 15 minutes. But should you choose to stick to a standard 240-volt household outlet, expect it to take 18 hours to juice it up.

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Exterior
- image 1044718
Trim Tesla Model X Base Tesla Model X Plaid
Motor Dual Motor Tri-Motor
Horsepower 670 hp 1020 hp
Transmission 1-speed direct drive 1-speed direct drive
0-60 mph 3.8s 2.5s
Top Speed 155 mph 163 mph
EPA Range 348 miles 333 miles
Towing Capacity 5000 lbs 5000 lbs

Exterior Design

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Exterior
- image 1044709
You will continue to turn heads with Tesla Model X doors open

At first glance, it might appear that not much has changed on the Tesla SUV, and it seems to have taken the Porsche route here, so we are now faced with a classic case of spot-the-difference. So how do you tell a 2022 Model X apart from the outgoing model?

Well, if you look close enough, you’ll notice that the front bumper now has a horizontal fog light in place of a vertical one. This has definitely cleaned up the front end. Another way to tell apart the new Model X from the old one is the elimination of chrome trim across the entire vehicle (except on the Tesla badges).

Exterior Colors
Pearl White Multi-Coat Standard
Solid Black $1500
Midnight Silver Metallic $1500
Deep Blue Metallic $1500
Red Multi Coat $2500
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Exterior
- image 1044726
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Exterior
- image 1044706

The DRLs are slightly brighter now and you get new designs for the wheels. 20" Cyberstream wheels come as standard on every Model X. But if you don’t mind compromising on the range and want bigger rims, you can opt for the 22" Turbine wheels ($5500). Apart from these changes, the basic shape pretty much remains identical to the outgoing model.

It has the same tear-drop profile that folks really seem to be fond of these days. This shape obviously has its benefits, in that the Model X has the lowest drag coefficient (0.24) in the industry for any SUV/Crossover. Given its understated styling and ballistic performance, the Model X is nothing short of a Sleeper.

Exterior Dimensions
Length 199.1 in
Overall Width without Mirrors 89.49 in
Height 66.1 in
Wheel base 116.7 in
Ground clearance 6.6 in
Curb weight 5185 lbs / 5390 lbs (Plaid)

Interior Quality and Technology

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044724
Tesla has taken a minimalist approach with the design of the cabin and has rid the dash of visible buttons and vents

While we didn’t really see any significant changes on the outside, it’s the cabin where Tesla has really gone to town and knocked it out of the park. The single-piece panoramic windshield continues to dominate the Tesla Model X interior. Also standard; are heated front and rear seats and a heated steering wheel. You get a completely re-designed dash with a big step up in fit and finish overall and the option to choose between three interior themes.

An all-black interior is standard. A white or cream ($2000) interior is optional and you get wood on the long-range while the Plaid gets carbon trim. The ambient interior lighting and tri-zone climate control with HEPA filters should help maintain a high-quality ambiance in the cabin. The big draw, of course, is the inclusion of Tesla’s stalkless yoke steering in place of a traditional steering wheel with a new 12.3" digital driver’s display sitting behind it.

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044722
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044723

The centerpiece though, of this new interior quite literally is that new 17" landscape touch screen (biggest in the industry), which pretty much handles everything from climate, radio, and entertainment to even stuff like engaging reverse and drive.

However, missing smartphone integration for Apple Carplay and Android Auto leaves you with the proprietary Tesla software, which by the way will likely receive over-the-air updates for years to come.

Now the minimalistic approach does have its drawbacks because even performing simple tasks like adjusting the mirrors and the steering is now done through the screen, making it a multi-step process. Below the screen sits a pair of wireless phone charging pads along with more storage in the central binnacle.

Other standard features include

  • Credit Card Key
  • 22 Speaker Stereo
  • USB C ports in all three rows
  • Bluetooth
  • Navigation
  • Satellite Radio
  • Web Browser
  • Video streaming (Netflix, YouTube) & games
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044721
2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044702

This latest refresh also sees a new 8" display at the rear, that not only controls the HVAC but also acts as the entertainment system. Speaking of the rear seats, you can access the middle row through the famous falcon doors. You can configure the Model X as a five-seater (standard), six-seater - with second-row captain seats ($6500), or seven-seater with a second-row bench seat ($3500) options.

If you decide to opt for three-row seating, accessing that the third row is a fairly easy process. The Model X Plaid only comes in the three-row six-seater configuration. The Model X has always trumped the competition when it comes to cargo space and packaging.

The five-seater variant has great cargo room along with underfloor storage as well. The three-row model X loses out on Cargo space, but thankfully, you still get that handy frunk for added convenience.

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Interior
- image 1044703
Interior Dimensions
Headroom (front) 41.7 in
Headroom (rear) 41.0 in
Legroom (front) 41.1
Legroom (rear) 38.7 in
Cargo capacity, all seats in place 43.5 cu-ft / 21.5 cu-ft (Plaid)
Maximum cargo capacity 91.6 cu-ft
Seating Capacity 5, 6 (Plaid), 7

2022 Tesla Model X Price and Availability

2022 Tesla Model X Price
Tesla Model X Base $106,590
Tesla Model X Plaid $130,590

According to the Configurator page, these prices for the 2022 Tesla Model X include potential incentives and gas savings of $8400. Do also note that the above prices do not include any options whatsoever.

You’ll have to factor in an additional $1200 towards destination and documentation fees. As for availability, you’re looking at an estimated delivery date between August - October 2022 for the Model X Plaid. Expect to wait longer for the regular Model X, expected to hit the road between January and April next year.


2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos Drivetrain
- image 1044714

The latest 2022 Tesla Model X hasn’t been crash-tested by either the IIHS or NHTSA yet. But out of the box, you have a plethora of safety and driver assistance features on offer, including

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Blind Spot Monitoring
  • Forward Automatic Emergency Braking
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors
  • Lane Keeping Assist
  • Pedestrian Detection
  • Surround View Parking Cameras
  • Tesla Autopilot

You can also option up your Model X with Full-Self Driving Capability ($12,000) which adds

  • Navigate on Autopilot
  • Auto Lane Change
  • Autopark
  • Summon
  • Full Self-Driving Computer
  • Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control

Main Competition

2022 Tesla Model X - Price, Performance And Photos
- image 1083175

Back in 2016, the Model X pretty much had the large luxury EV crossover segment to itself. But today, there are a number of competitors that it has to contend with. Chief among these are the aging Audi e-Tron, the recently launched BMW iX,, and a couple of upcoming domestic options like the Rivian R1S SUV and Hummer EV SUV. Here’s taking a look at the base models of potential Model X rivals and how they stack in terms of horsepower, range, and price.

All things considered, this refresh has certainly brought the Model X back in contention, especially against a growing number of rivals from both startups as well as legacy auto. If you’re looking for a full-size all-electric crossover, and dig Tesla’s eco-system, then the new Model X makes a strong case for itself.

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