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BRM releases limited edition Abarth V12-T-44 timepiece

BRM releases limited edition Abarth V12-T-44 timepiece

If you’re an avid car enthusiast, the brand BRM might ring a bell to you. The French timekeeper, known for its deep-rooted history in the world of motorsport, has released a special edition version of its titanium-cased V12-T-44 chronograph that features car manufacturer Abarth. The limited edition watch comes with Abarth-inspired elements including the brand’s logo on the watch face to the Nomex strap that has red stitching on it. Each watch is individually numbered – there are only 49 pieces made – making it a sought-after collector’s piece. If you happen to fancy one, the price tag for each watch goes for an astronomical $7,300, and can be purchased through the BRM website.

We’ve always been believers of practicality over lavishness but we have to admit it, this is one of those times where if you’re going to splurge on one item, buying the BRM Abarth V12-T-44 for $7,300 is as good an investment as you’re going to make.

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